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  1. Hey guys, so I've been doing a few role plays and some of them dropped due to lack of responses. So I usually role play yaoi but I'm truthfully open to any pairing. Even though currently I'm more into fantasy role plays, more so elf or Hobbit based role plays due to my recently acquired fandom (I love Thranduil) Ahem.

    But anyways, I've also recently become accustomed to playing seme though I can play both seme and uke .
    (Seme=Dominate Character, Uke=Submissive character)

    Again I'm more into Hobbit like role plays but I also love doing Modern, Modern Fantasy, Steampunk, Mature, and if need be miscellaneous.

    I'm usually open to plotting and creating an idea we both like, so I'm pretty flexible when it comes to that.

    So some of the idea's I have to role play are

    Servant x King or Warrior x King
    -I'd perfer it to be set in a fantasy setting so I can fufill my fandom of playing as an elf however it can also be set in fantasy modern where humans and whatnot exist-

    Prince x Servant or Prince x Warrior
    -Just like above given the Prince role play may be more flexible-

    Vampire x Hunter or Demon x Hunter
    -Really it can be any hunter after whatever, I just enjoy these types of role plays-

    Detective x Partner
    -Kind of BBC Sherlock but plot is flexible-

    Any vampire role play
    -I know I put vampire x hunter but I'm really open to any vampire role play-

    Mermaid/Merman x Human
    -I know a bit odd but I did a role play like it before and it was actually pretty fun-

    Jack Frost x Flame Princess
    -I didn't know what else to call it. But basically I'm picturing a fantasy role play where people are in charge of elements and these two characters come together. One controls ice, other controls fire type deal-

    Past lovers
    -Perfable with this I usually twist it so it's vampire lovers but again the idea is expandable-

    I'm also fine with sharing ideas! So if you want to do a role play by all means message me!

    I'm pretty opened minded so. But I don't do horror or scifi but aside from that you know.

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  2. Past lovers, vampires (i might have an idea there), jack frost and flame princess, prince and servant.
    Sounds interesting.
  3. I'd love to try the Jack Frost x Flame Princess/Prince idea. I've had one going on in my head for this.
  4. I'd be interested in doing a princeXwarrior or princeXservant.
  5. Awesome! Well whichever one you pick is fine. Wanna message me?
  6. Awesome! Wanna message me?
  7. Awesome, wanna message me? :3
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