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  1. Hello everyone! PP is back for business and I have an all new RPing info website right here! (only a free site thing, not a promotion or anything - I gain nothing from you visiting there, apart from earning you as a partner perhaps) It was so much easier for me to have it all in one place than to change it for different RPing websites.

    On there you can find all my information in terms of requirements and pairings.

    These are just a few main points:

    • Looking for semi-detailed or detailed partners!
    • Able to play female and male, and all pairings!
    • Got a list of modern, historical, fantasy and other pairings!
    • I like a variety of fandoms you may enjoy!
    • Looking to post at least once a week!
    • Is willing to discuss Libertine!
    • Able to RP on here, Iwaku, through email or IM (Skype)!

    If you like what you see, please PM me!
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