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Searching For Males!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Summer Rain, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Hi there! I am once again searching for roleplay partners. I have been roleplaying for 8+ years, and I truly miss it (as some of my partners have totally disappeared).

    General Information:
    • I only play females in a female and male pairing.
    • I am fine with playing additional "side" characters, but would prefer if we controlled them together (this is flexible - ie. if you have a character you want all to yourself)
    • All posts must be at least 3+ large paragraphs, although I tend to write more like 5-7 especially in the beginning and in complex, exciting scenes. If you cannot commit to this, I don't think we would make great partners! :)
    • Someone who can post at least once a day. I can do the same, often more.
    • I will roleplay in either PM or thread, though I prefer a thread. All roleplays must also be in normal font and colour (default of Iwaku) due to a visual impairment.

    Plot Ideas
    *please note most of these are cowboy/western related - that's my thing right now. The cowboy (male) can be a rancher, barrel racer, farmer, etc.
    • Blind female x rancher (who teaches her how to ride horses) - Modern or Historical (1880s-1890s)
    • New/pregnant mother fleeing from abuse x rescuer (perhaps he finds her on the side of the road in her broken down car) - Modern
    • Saloon girl (prostitute x saloon customer (he could offer her a better life) - Historical (1880s-1890s)
    • New ranch hand x rancher or rancher's son (they could have interesting pasts) - Modern or Historical
    • Abused young woman x rancher's son who offers her work (perhaps he doesn't trust her in the beginning)
    I will update as I go along! :) I hope to hear from you!
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  2. Would you consider doing the mother x rescuer pairing with me?
  3. Yes! Message me?
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