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  1. I'm looking for a male roleplay partner who will play the male in a hetero romance. Lately, I have been in the mood for a hate-love romance where the boy and girl cannot stand each other but by some miraculous set of circumstances they fall in love. An idea that's been nagging me for a while is a gender-bender, where the boy and girl switch minds/bodies and must live out their lives as the other until they can find a way to switch back. The characters can be anywhere from famous and rich, to poor and in unfortunate conditions. I usually prefer them on opposite ends of spectrum. If that isn't really your style, we can always come up with more ideas. Check out my resume and send me a PM or reply to this thread if you're interested. I have no limits to my roleplays, so long as the plot and character development is thorough. :)
  2. I'm interested in doing this. I can play a guy ^^
  3. Great! So you like the body swap idea? Or did you have anything else in mind?
  4. Yeah the body swap would be fun. Lol it would be fun to try to avoid seeing specific things.
  5. Okay, do you want this to be a mature or normal roleplay? We don't really need to create character profiles do we? I kind of like the characters to learn about one another as they go. And what kind of social status do you want him to have? Are they in college, high school, etc?
  6. mature would be fine. And high school is good that way it would be a bit more funny for the guy to suddenly wake up with the body of a girl.
  7. Where do we start the roleplay? I just joined yesterday, so I'm still learning how to navigate the forums.
  8. Would you like me to start it and just send you the link then?
  9. That would be lovely of you. :)