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My name is Kaycey.

A little about myself: I'm 20, a college student with a part time job. I have an open schedule during the week between school and work. I'm very smart asstastic.

What I enjoy:

I love romance, dark romance, the kind that stresses you out but makes your pants tight at the same time. I like to create characters that I want to be, or that I want to kill. A lot of feeling is good. As for genres, I don't care for fantasy with dragons and elves but other than that I'm open to almost everything.

What I'm looking for:

If you aren't okay with every mature theme ever created, we won't mesh well. Abuse, foul language, sex, gore, etc. All of this I really enjoy including so I would appreciate a partner who shares my love of the darkness.

Plotting, re-plotting and plotting again are really enjoyable to me and I really enjoy highly complex plots and I'm good at creating them. I need a partner who has a pulse and wants to work with me. Someone who also gets excited. If you don't care for one of my ideas, that's fine, express that because it's our roleplay and I want to make it the best we can.

I don’t expect a post every day, but keep in contact with me. We can talk via text, google hangouts, or strictly the roleplaying site if that's all you are comfortable with.

NOTICE: I do not expect the post length of my sample to be the norm in our play. I want about 3-5 paragraphs depending on the situation our characters are in. If we are both on at the same time in a rather transitional and maybe boring part, we can even speed post if you would like. I'm very adaptable.

Lastly, I have a newborn idea involving an alternate reality with gypsies in the eighteenth century. It would contain romance, adventure, lots of political grit, etc. We can make it whatever we want, all I have so far is the setting and I have a character in mind for me to play. If you want to toy around with a different idea, that's perfectly fine too. Message me!
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I am interested in a gypsy setting!


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I'd be up to rping with you if you're still looking :)
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