searching for m-m rps.

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  1. I prefer to be uke.
    I prefer rp partners who are seme.
    and i'm not a fan of one-liners.
    I'm a fan of romance.

    I currently don't have any plots,
    but i would love to hear yours ;) If you don't have one, we can pick one from below.


    VampirexVampire hunter



    Half angel-half demon

    Masquerade ball

    Arranged marriage

    Shapeshifter kidnapper-kidnapped boy

    Scientist-lab experiment

    Soldier-prisoner of war

    assasin x target

    military x civilian

    human x werewolf

    human x vampire

    innocent angel x evil demon

    spy x civiilian

    student x teacher

    waitress x customer

    arranged marriage

    time traveler x person

    Best Friend x Best Friend's brother

    Childhood Best Friend x Childhood Best Friend

    Popular Guy x New boy

    Rescuer x Rescued

    Wolf x Vampire

    Knight x Princess

    Zombie apocalypse

    Knight x Prince

    Prince x Commoner

    step-Brother x brother

    celeb. x fan/non fan

    Manager x singer

    Manager x acter

    vampire host x human ​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.