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  1. Hello! I’m Sih Nyther, or just Sih. It’s nice to meet you! :D :) I’m 19 years old, in the USA, and in college. As above, I’m looking for a Long-Term Slice of Life Anime Partner (with supernatural themes)! All we be explained below this. This MAY be long and I apologize if it is. But if it’s obvious that you haven’t read this, I may reject you.

    Timezone: CST USA
    Rp Medium: Email and/or Skype.
    - Only Email: I use this as my main means of rp and OOC.
    - Only Skype: I generally use this as a means for OOC and rarely Skype. However, if my partner prefers Skype, I can use this.
    - Email AND Skype: We can use Skype for OOC and Email for the rp.
    - Literacy: I prefer someone who has a good grasp of the English language. My partner must have good grammar, punctuation, and spelling and doesn’t use text speak within the rp (unless the rp characters themselves are texting, of course). It’s quite annoying to rp with someone who cannot capitalize their letters. If English is your second language, there is leeway for that but I’d still expect an acceptable amount of knowledge over grammar and spelling.

    - Length: I write in 3rd person, Past Tense, Paragraph Form. I ask for more than 3 sentences a post. I write at a length of 1-novella paragraphs. Of course anything over 6 paragraphs isn’t necessary unless it’s necessary so don’t be frightened off by that. Don’t feel bad if you can’t match my length because, sometimes, I’ll churn out a novel if I feel like the cause is needed. For example, my intros may be a bit long.

    - Frequency: I’m online every day, all day (most of the time). The only time I’m not only is when I’m in a class that doesn’t allow phones or computers. Given this, I would expect my rp partner to be able to reply at least 2 times a day. Once-a-week and twice-a-week does not work for me. Given this, please do not expect me to be okay with once-a-month. I will tell you if I will not be online for a while (if we’re rping back and forth, I’ll tell you if I’m called off somewhere for the hour).

    - Romantic Relationships: For this kind of rp, I’m only accepting MxF and FxF. Now, this will be the first time I’ll be doing FxF so please bear with me. I’ve had a lot of experience with MxM (3 years worth) so I won’t be a newbie at same-sex relationships. I’m also open to transgendered characters. I suppose that I’d be fine with Canon/OC characters but, if we are to do that, I’d be the one playing OC. I only use OC characters that I create myself or base off a picture. If you use a Canon character, please make sure that he/she fits well with the plot/setting. I require romance within an rp. I’m fine with having only one romantic relationship or multiple!

    - Smut: I am 19 years old, as I’ve said above, so I only rp with 17+. I am uncomfortable with the idea of rping with someone below 17. Please do not lie to me about your age; maturity tends to show through OOC writing as well as IC writing so, if I feel that you are lying, I may ask of your age again. I do not fade to black. If you prefer fading to black, we will not be good rp partners. I’m not at all frightened by the thought of writing sexual scenes. My limits are below!

    - Limits: I only have three limits. I don’t do bestiality or furries. As for pedophilia, I’d rather it not be a pairing but it can be a minor theme within the rp (maybe there’s a pedophile going around the city or something). Other than that, I have no limits. I’d prefer someone who does not have a limit in violence, language, or (too much in) sex. I ask for this because I’d rather the rp take any turn that it does, whether it goes into a murderous theme, a romantic theme, action, adventurous, etc. I do not accept godmodding/powerplaying! This means that I will not allow you to take control of my character unless it is agreed between the both of us. As for my preferences, I can play either gender. However, if you have me play male, I will most likely have a main female character with him so I can balance myself out. If you have me play female, I don’t have to have the second main character.

    - Partner: I’m looking for someone who is generally okay with rping every day. I know that we’re all human and have lives, of course. I’m currently a junior in college but I tend to rp over my phone if I don’t have my laptop (pfft, when’s that? XP). Before we begin to rp, I’d like to talk and see if we could, eventually, become friends! It’s so awkward rping with someone without having begun a good conversation. I become easily intimidated if you write in OOC like a professional filling out an interview form. >.> I do not care what sexuality (straight, gay, bi, etc) you are, as long as you don’t over-share (we’re strangers right now; don’t need to know about your sex lives—first impression! XD) or be creepy. As for the being creepy part, it goes many ways. For example, I will not appreciate a person who oversexualizes the characters in cliché anime manners. If you think that using “accidental” panty-shots in every scene is cute or that it should influence my character, I will not want to continue rping with you. If you think that the size of my female character’s breasts or any other feature is a big factor, I will not want to rp with you. That sends off a HUGE creep-vibe and tends to hint to me that you may be below 17 in age. I want someone who can take this rp seriously in a fun manner! Who likes to create tension, romantic scenes, etc that makes me squeal in real life and sit on the edge of my seat! 83 I am not a forgetful person so you don’t need to worry about reminding me about the rp; I will always get to it. I don’t want anyone who harasses me or makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d also love creative people! :D Those who are able to create organizations or characters with unique things about them! I’d also like someone who can play multiple characters within one or many posts, in different or the same scenes without feeling overwhelmed. We can create a system (ex: -------) in order to play different characters within different scenes. I’m asking for an open-minded partner who isn’t mind basically eventually switching genre if it needs to. For example, the rp can start off happy-go-lucky and suddenly turn into a horror thing. I’m open to any sort of time-zone though conflicting time-zones may cause problems (e.g., GMT vs CST).

    - Characters: I’m very versatile so I can play multiple characters; I will only play original characters because I don’t feel comfortable taking the creations of other people into my own hands. I like characters with flaws, emotions, problems, histories, like they’re REAL people. A good backstory can do wonders! Given this kind of rp, if you create a blank-emotioned character, I may not be too inclined to have my characters interact with him/her unless there’s a good reason for him/her to be that blank. “Poker-faced” characters are so overused that it’s not too interesting of a feature to play with. I’ve been rping for 8 years so I am able to develop a great variety of OC’s. My characters are always well-thought out and have backstories to them, whether they’re boring, interesting, or supernatural. I am VERY against self-inserts and poorly written original characters because it makes it very boring to rp against. I’d rather all main characters be at least 16. However, if there is any smut, the main characters will need to be 17+. And PLEASE no cliché anime characters!! I’m not a weaboo/otaku, whatever they call it (though I do watch anime) so I’m less inclined to like overly-cliché anime stuff.

    - Plot: This is a plot that I’ve come up with for an original, anime-esque Slice of Life story/rp. You can generally do anything with it, as long as it’s at a good pace. If you want the anime to basically become Cowboy Bebop or Gurren Lagann eventually, let it happen at a realistic pace, even if it takes a few years (in RP time, not realtime) for it to happen. I’d rather it not be modern one day then BAM space mechs the next. There’s a cause and effect for stuff like this! If I could describe an anime that’s like this, I’d say Durarara!!. I suppose you could say that the plotline would be similar to it, with the mysterious pasts of people intertwining with each other. However, just because the idea is similar, I would not like to do a fandom rp of it.

    o The large city of ___, Tokyo is home to many people, ranging with different personalities and characters. It is also home to many myths, fictional and historical, that season the place with tourist attractions. Although there are many interesting things about the city, life goes on as normal for most people. The city is ridden with gangs, policemen, thieves, all the things that makes a city and city. However, there are some people who are less normal than others that live in secrecy. Myths come to life, whether it’s revealed to the city or not. The city is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered.
    I’m fine with you using anime pictures for your characters! If you want, we can create a document on Google Docs that holds our character bios that we can gradually update. With this plot, I want real-world seasons, festivities, etc so that our city actually feels alive! And if you do make a supernatural character, build it up, please! 83 It'll be so interesting!


    I offer only my email for now. If I feel that we are good rp partners and you want us to interact through Skype, I’ll give it to you. I’d rather not have my Skype blown up before I know if we’re compatible or not >.> When you email me, please give me your age, timezone, and preferences/pairings. I may also ask you for a writing sample, in which I will also give you one! Please use this sample to show me your grammar, spelling, descriptive abilities, and speech interaction between characters so I can decide if we’re compatible or not! Do not reply to me on this site; I do not get on it often enough to check it. Please contact me through my email.
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