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  1. Introduction
    Hello, my name is Resonance! I've been roleplaying for eight years now(I've been roleplaying here for about eight months now). I've always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a child, and whether it be writing fanfiction, actual books, or roleplaying, I can't get enough. So, that's why I've decided to try and find a few more partners to roleplay with and maybe even build a friendship and have a more active roleplaying life.
    Here are a few rules/guidelines that will help you in roleplaying with me ^^ It shouldn't take too long.

    1) Life sometimes comes in the way of my writing and sometimes I might not be able to respond for a few days. The most I should be gone is a week, but if it's any longer that, I'm sorry, but it is not because I'm not interested in the roleplay anymore.

    2) I don't mind what gender I play, but I prefer homosexual romances over heterosexual. I can do either male x male or female x female, so whichever you prefer. Some pairing can be either, but a few will only have the option for one. Now, don't be afraid to make things tragic in the plot. Tragedy is always fun to play ^^

    3) I want at least one paragraph for each response. My length tends to range from two to five paragraphs depending on the content in it, but I will mirror your posts length.

    4) Please send me a PM if you're interested. It'll just keep this thread cleaner.
    Now, feel free to suggest pairings, as I'm sure I will miss a lot of pairings that would be fun to roleplay. Also, if you have a pairing or plot that you think will be fun, then drop a suggestion!

    Soldier x Soldier
    Police Officer x Criminal
    Gang Member x Rival Gang Member
    Gang member x Gang leader


    Thief x Assassin
    Knight x Knight
    Prince x Prince
    Pirate x Priest
    King of Thieves x King
    Prisoner x Knight
    Prisoner x Prince
    Prince x Knight


    Farmer x Fire Child
    Templar x Sorcerer
    Mermaid x Human
    Mermaid x Mermaid
    Elf x God/Goddess
    Demon x Elf
    Elf x Elf

    As a disclaimer, I don't do fandom related roleplays. I just can't get into them and I apologize if that's what you wanted to do. I do not mind if you use a character based off of a fandom. That's perfectly fine with me ^^​

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  2. The Plots I Have:
    Farmer x Fire Child:
    For hundreds of years, settlers of a small village, lying in the valley between two mountain sides, have avoided the woods that rested on the other side of the northern river. Legends of a dragon that guarded his treasure has been passed down from generation to generation, and when many of the farmers crops burn one fateful night, the story only strengthened. A is one of the unlucky farmers who most of his crops to feed his family, and, despite being a young man, the village turns to his help for his strength in killing the dragon and saving their town.

    Knight x Knight
    Two knights have hated each other since the moment they met, and had spurned them into a sort of rivalry to be the top knight, and outdo one another. Yet, it's this hatred for each other that brings out a reliance on one another when the threat of war looms at the castle gates, and they are forced to rely on one another to survive as the enemy completely takes over.

    Templar x Sorcerer
    Templars have, for a long time, killed rogue sorcerers whenever they left the circle of mages. This, obviously, brought a rift between the sorcerers and the Templars, and neither were too pleased when the King requested that a Templar and a mage come to the castle to heal his fragile queen and their sickly child. It is in this, the Templar watching over the mage for any suspicious magic and the sorcerer healing the royal family over the course of weeks, that they are forced to get along, even if for a little while.

    Pirate x Priest
    The high priest of the kingdom would fetch a handsome ransom reward and A knew that extremely well. A also happened to be just the type of daring pirate to risk his own life in capturing the priest and keep him hostage upon his ship until the King would break and give him what he wanted. What A didn't expect, was the priest to be so damn kind.


    These are the plots I have at the moment! Remember, that these plots are just a starting point and we can add and take away as much as we want to fit the roleplay as needed! If you have any plots of your own, feel free to suggest them!
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  3. Pirate and priest seems up my alley as long as I can be the male and priest of the two :)?
  4. would you be interested in theif x prince?
  5. I PMed you with the prompts I'd be interested in. :)
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