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  1. Hey guys!!

    I made a thread before, but this one is much more detailed.

    My name is Aeriel, and my username is Aeriel.. Yeah, totally creative. But oh well.
    I have a few plot ideas, but first lemme just lay down some ground rules, to save some confusion.

    1: Do not post one-liners. If you reply with a one-liner, I will either just not reply, or I will ask you to elaborate. If it happens more than once, I will kindly inform you that perhaps we are not the best match.

    2: I usually only play female. Every once in a while, if I'm in the mood or I have a really good idea, I will play male. But usually, nope, only female. However, I do love FxF roleplays as well as FxM.

    3: You must be 18+ to roleplay with me. I use a lot of foul language sometimes, and I do enjoy sex in roleplays. Please tell me your boundaries for sex in roleplays.

    4: Please be able to post at least once a day. I am on usually every day, and I am a pretty fast poster unless I'm at school or work.

    5: If you are going to post a picture to show me what your character looks like, I prefer if you do not use an anime character. I like realistic characters and it's really hard for me to picture a character otherwise. If you prefer to write a description instead of a picture, that's fine with me too.

    6: I only RP via PM

    7: Last but not least, feel free to just chat with me sometimes! I like getting to know my partners, I'm not a robot! :)

    SO, if you made it this far, that's awesome. Now, for the pairings!

    I don't have any definite plot ideas yet, but here are some pairings I wouldn't mind doing. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

    1. Princess x knight
    2. Princess x prince (opposing kingdoms, arranged marriage)
    3. Enemies (mxf or fxf)
    4. Best friends trying new things (fxf)
    5. Teacher x student (fxf)
    6. Captor x captive
    7. Vampire x human
    8. Witch x human
    9. Assassin x target
    10. Warriors in opposing forces (mxf or fxf)

    Just a few little ideas. If you're interested in starting something, PM me! <3
  2. Still looking!
  3. Still looking!
  4. Still searching!
  5. Best friends trying new things (fxf) I am interested in replying to you
  6. Hi! I'm actually already doing that one! Is there another one you like, or do you have any ideas?
  7. The witch and human sounds interesting.
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