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Hi everyone I have been roleplaying for 7 years now and have finally decided to get back into rping, a little bit about me I am a college student so I may only be able to post once or twice a day but my content is lengthy due to the fact that I enjoy going inside of the minds of each of my characters and having internal dialogue as well as external dialogue. I also love character development because it makes the characters seem real.

What I am looking for
A person who can play male character's, is okay with romance, and can post as an advanced writer and is okay with only a few posts a day, and somebody who is dedicated to continuing an RP I always love the satisfying feeling of finishing a rp that you and your partner work so hard on and I want somebody else to enjoy that same feeling.

What types of Rp's am I into:
Fantasy- any kind really not too particular

Fandom- Vampire Knight, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran Highschool Host club, Bleach, Say I love you, Full metal Alchemist, RWBY, (and this is to just name a few I'm into anything really and if I don't know much about a specific one I will do research)

Joker/Oc or Joker/Harley- I have a really cool Idea that involves the Joker and a female Oc where the female is in a hospital and the Joker becomes obsessed with her and it takes place before Bad day and it's more focused on his psychological downfall and it involves Batman as well I'll have more details later on.

Animal- Wolfs, tigers, dogs, any animal that you are interested and an example of what I mean is we each play 2 or 3 wolves that are part of a pack and they are surviving together or they are having to fight another pack.

Everyday life- Pretty much the everyday life of 2 or 3 people who's lives somehow managed to cross paths with each other examples of this can be school, couples, Romeo and Juliet, college students (these are just broad examples.)

If there is anything else that you are interested in that I have not mentioned then please bring it up I am always willing to try new things.

How to reach me
Pm me I will usually check every few hours so if I don't respond right away just give it some time thank you so much for reading this and have a nice day!!!!!!!!
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