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  1. These creatures, black as night and evil as sin. Lucinda heard about them but no one really knew what they were evil. They had to be stopped and right now she was the only one free to do it. Normally one of her uncles or aunts would take care of it, her uncle Jim was certain to be furious of he knew she was out there fighting but she had to, someone had to. She had no idea that one of them had found out and was on their way. She always rushed into fights too quickly, even though she was pretty quick on her feet.

    Today there were a lot of them, even her lightening spells were having issues controlling the crowd. She knew that she had to keep fighting, it was the only thing she could do. She'd been lonely for some time, well a long time actually. She had her uncles and aunts sure but that was it. None of them were her age so she was always dealing with things on her own, constantly being scolded or being lectured on the importance of homework.

    "Light from above rain judgement on these dark souls! Lightening!" she shouted as she raised her staff to the sky.
  2. It was always calm in the town, at least in Rea's mind. She cut threw the black creatures, heartless as she knew them, easily. Trained practice made using her keyblade a breeze, the moon shaped tip slicing the creatures into dust. It was almost like a dance to her. Dodge here, slash there, guard here. She was glad they at least hadn't completely destroyed the world. From what her master had said, she was suppose to close the door to the world. Easier said then done in her opinion. She jumped out of the way of an incoming heartless, stabbing it in the chest. How many had she slain so far? Hundreds? She wasn't sure. All she knew was she couldn't find that familiar mop of blonde hair anywhere. Not once had she seen her missing sister, Lucy. Her hope was starting to wane that she would ever find her. However, she had to keep trying.
  3. Lucy continued her spellcasting. She couldn't keep this up forever but she continued to keep fighting. Her spells were a bit on the flashy side but they did the trick, she remembered her big sister and missed her greatly. What could she do about it though? She was stuck there and no one wanted to help her out. She fought while wearing a heavy white robe over her normal outfit, her uncles and aunts didn't want her to show her face to the public, she had to keep herself a secret just like they did. It didn't matter that much except for the heat she didn't need to move too much to get away from them. Pulling out a spellbook and chanted another spell. This was a high powered ice spell and she hoped it would help her cool off as well.
  4. Rea pulled at her fingerless gloves, a must-have according to her master. The heartless just wouldn't thin out like normal. Sure, her keyblade was attracting a mess of things, but normally after a while the monsters would retreat for the day. Slowly, she saw a cloaked figure in the distance, struggling as her stamina slowly depleted. Her spells were flashy enough to be seen a mile away, attracting the heartless to her like sugar to flies. Rea moved faster, hoping to help the girl out quickly.
  5. Lucinda took a deep breath and focused as her magic was nearly depleted. She used another ice spell but wasn't able to keep up the attacks. She was surrounded now as she leaned on her staff for support. 'If only Uncle Jim were here. He'd be able to take care of them.' she thought to herself as she felt tears fill her eyes, 'No. You mustn't cry. They'll only yell at you if you do.' She chided herself mentally as she tried to regain her composure. She could hardly stand as the creatures crept closer to her.
  6. It was almost the end for the girl. She was going to become one of the creatures, maybe a nobody even. With a last burst of speed, she swept through the heartless surrounding the younger girl. Grabbing the younger's hand, she ran down the streets, knowing that the heartless would just continue after them even if she tried to fight them all. She ran down a few alleyways before hiding in a building hidden from the rest of the world it almost seemed. The building was a large, abandoned hotel, normally great for heartless, but none were found. Rea finally checked on the girl. "Are you alright?" She asked, hoping the girl wasn't too badly injured.
  7. Someone grabbed her hand and it nearly made her drop her staff as she was pulled along away from the creatures. It made her worry, those things needed to be taken care of but then again she wasn't doing too good. Finally pulled into a building she fell onto her rear. When her rescuer checked on her Lucinda couldn't help but burst into tears. "I'm sorry!" she sobbed thinking this was one of her aunts, "I know I'm not supposed to leave the tower but nobody else was around! Please don't be mad! I didn't know there were so many this time!" She sobbed into her hands as she sat there, shaking from the entire event. The hood hid her face from her savior's view as she sat there.

    "Where could she have run off to this time?!" Exclaimed a woman with blonde hair.
    "I think she went after whatever tripped the alarm," responded a softer voice, "We should head out there and take care of those things first."
    "Agreed," said a man who appeared to be the leader, "If we find and defeat those things we'll find Lulu, she's a strong girl. She can take care of herself."

    ((I figured I'd add a bit of what else might be going on with the people who look after her.))
  8. Rea was surprised at how the girl was reacting and quickly went into big sister mode. "Hey, hey, calm down. You did the right thing okay? Just try to be a bit more careful next time, alright? I can't always be there to save people like you." She rubbed the girl's back like she used to with Lucy, keeping the girl calm hopefully. "Now, why don't we wipe off those tears and you can tell me your name? I'm Rea. Who are you?" The red head asked, green eyes curious and somewhat hopeful. This had to be her, or maybe someone who knew Lucy.
  9. Lucinda started to wipe her tears as she felt the girl rub her back. She looked up at her with her big eyes and realized that this wasn't one of her aunts. "I...I...y-you're not..." she stammered as she seemed to calm down, "thank you...for saving me. My name's Lucinda.....but everyone calls me Lulu.." She made a face at the nickname. She didn't really like being called Lulu but that was just how things went for her. This girl Rea looked like her sister. It had been so long that she had nearly forgotten her sister's name. Was this her? It was hard for her to tell.
  10. Rea smiled, nodding as she stood up. "It's nice to meet you, Lucinda. Can you stand? I'd rather get you somewhere more comfortable than the entryway to some backwater hotel." She looked around, her keyblade still grasped tightly in her hand. She glanced around in what almost seemed like paranoia as she twirled the keyblade in her hands. "Oh, also have you seen a girl just a little younger than me, blonde hair, probably trying to be a hero but doesn't realize how dangerous it is out here?" Rea gained a very hopeful look as she described her sister.
  11. Lucinda looked at her, nodding a bit at the suggestion. She got to her feet with a little help from her staff and looked at the strange weapon in her hand. "Well if it's any consolation, I'm blonde. " she said as she pulled down her hood, "but what's that thing in your hand? "
  12. "I guess it's something." Rea sighed as she shrugged. "Oh this? It's called a keyblade. It's basically a magic weapon. Those things out there, they were called heartless. They eat people's hearts to turn them into more heartless before eating a world's heart." The red head explained as she led the blonde girl up to a room. "If you want, you can rest here and I can take you back to your... home I guess." She shrugged, not trusting the girl's relatives were good ones.
  13. Lucinda listened to her talk as she followed along, leaning heavily on her staff. Once they got to an empty room she sat down and looked up at her. "Heartless huh? So they're called Heartless....but really they eat hearts? So technically they have them...." She frowned a bit as she puzzled it out, "Wait a minute....worlds have hearts? That's...odd.... Aunt Meridth's been tryin' to catch one and figure out why they just appear outta nowhere. I'll be fine in a few minutes, just need to rest." She wiped off her brow as she sat there. "So you're looking for your sister huh? I could help, I did save my butt and all."
  14. "They may eat hearts, but that doesn't mean they have them." Rea said, opening a door and checking it with her keybalde before letting Lucinda lie down on the bed. "And would you? Really? I mean, your family must be worried, but that would be great!" Rea smiled brightly, excited someone would help her. Normally she was brushed aside as a weirdo.
  15. Lulu looked at her. "They aren't really family....They just look out for me. I don't really have a mom or dad. But I've got a lot of aunts and uncles. They just kinda found me one day when I was a little kid. I'm sure as long as I explain things to them they'll let me go. They understand the call to adventure and such." She said quietly as she stared at the ceiling for a bit, "The first thing they'll do is scold me for leaving. They hate it when I do that....but those things, those heartless....I couldn't just let them run amok."
  16. Rea nodded, noting the fact that somebody just found her when she was little. The chances of this girl being her little sister now raised to 15%. Still unlikely, but she could hope. "Well, where do you live? I could take you back to your... Aunts and Uncles as soon as your ready." The red head stretched, her loose shirt becoming a bit tighter as she yawned. She hadn't slept in a while, constantly moving to find her sister. It was starting to put a small strain on her body.
  17. "Oh right...home. It's a big silver building close by the police station. I can lead the way once I get my bearings," Lulu said as she sat up slowly, "It's near the main police station." She stretched a bit as she stood up. She tested her own sturdiness and found herself to be feeling a lot better now. She looked at Rea and smiled a bit. "I think I'm ready to head home."

    The heroes of the city managed to fend off the heartless for now and had started their search for Lulu. None of them thought to check any abandoned buildings as she had a tendency to go towards candy shops when she was low on magic.
  18. "Alright, then let's go. Stay close to me, don't try to use your magic, and don't talk to anyone you don't know." Rea noted, looking in all directions before walking out of the room and hotel. She had barely taken a few steps out of the hotel before she bumped into one of the aunts or uncles on their way to the candy shop. Her keyblade disappeared as she stumbled back, keeping an arm in front of Lucinda. The person did not strike a good cord with her.
  19. Lulu nodded as she followed her quietly. As they stepped out Rea bumped into a handsome light brown haired man with blue eyes. He looked down at Rea and noticed Lulu behind her. "Ah! Lulu! There you are! We've been looking all over for you! Those creatures were running amok all over the city and we were afraid you'd run off!" He said with a gentle smile, "Who's your friend?"
    Paul Parsons (open)

    "Oh! Uncle! Uhh this is Rea....she kinda saved me from those things..." She said starting to feel bad, she knew a lecture was coming, though it might now be from him.
    "It's good to see you're safe. Next time don't leave the tower. Let Tachyon know or anyone, I don't even let my OWN daughter go out." He said sternly.
    "But...Someone had to..."
    "No buts. Now, we should get you home, I'm sure you need something to eat."
  20. Rea didn't trust this man. He looked good enough, seemed like a nice person, had a daughter for God's sake, but Rea did not want him near Lucinda. "It's nice to meet you sir. If it's anything, Lucinda here is a great mage. She just doesn't know her limits." She didn't move, keeping her arm in front of Lucinda. It was like when she was younger around Lucy, keeping nearly everyone not around their age away from her sister. Why was she being so protective around this girl though? She wasn't entirely sure. Maybe it was just her instincts? She had just come back from fighting heartless after all.
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