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  1. Yvaine sat down and looked forward, the whole pack watching two large wolves. Silas and Tomek. It looked like they were going to battle for dominance, deciding who was going to be the alpha male. Silas had been the beta male before, but wanted a higher role in the pack.

    Mila watched on, the tension starting to rise between the other two wolves.

    Silas snarled, baring his teeth at the other male. The fur on his back stood up, his paws spread apart and his ears perked.
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  2. Kara watched the two wolves with wide eyes. She kept flicking her ears back and forth and slowly scooting backwards on her belly. She didn't want to be near the ensuing fight.

    Remy stared mournfully at Silas and Tomek, his ears drooping. He didn't understand why Silas had to challenge the alpha in the first place! Everything had been fine!

    Norah sat upright, her posture ram rod straight as she gazed at both Silas and Tomek. She of all wolves knew about fights for dominance, but she hoped the two wolves didn't battle to the death. That would be terribly unfortunate as Norah couldn't stand unnecessary bloodshed.
  3. Tomek: As if the encroaching humans weren't trouble enough. A terrible snarl tore from Tomek’s throat, teeth bared to accentuate the warning. His wide head dipped and the snarl, lessening in intensity, lowered to more of a threatening growl as he stalked forward towards the other male. Ears flat, yellow eyes sharp and focused, the thick muscle beneath his fur rippling and tensing as he moved. Tomek's watchful gaze was almost humorous, challenging and waiting for Silas to make his move.

    Har: Settled near the edge of the small clearing, Har watched. He as good at that, experienced in watching. Prey, family, enemies, humans-- all contributing, all more or less adding to his experience. He skirted around the two, tail swishing furiously in anticipation, or worry. They didn't need anymore death on their paws.
  4. Silas pounced forward with a growl, landing in front of Tomek and jumping up towards him, making the first move. He let out loud barking sound as he did so, tackling the other male.

    Yvaine jumped as Silas tackled Tomek, starting to become nervous. He backed up with a whimper, hiding behind a few of the other wolves.

    Mila flattened her ears, watching the two males closely. She knew that Tomek was strong, but so was Silas.
  5. Ross had previously been asleep in his den, however the sound of snarling resonating from outside started to probe at his conscience. At first the gray male ignored it like one would with the persistent buzzing of perhaps a fly, but something within him was deeply troubling him about it. Opening his eyes, Ross blinked himself awake when he realized that daybreak had already come and gone. He probably should have been up a few minutes ago, and he wondered if that had woken him up. Perhaps he had developed an internal alarm. However, he was soon jolted out of his reverie when the sound of snarling reached his ears again. Feeling his blood start to run cold, Ross began to tuck his tail between his legs as he realized what must be happening. Exiting his den and spotting Tomek and Silas, Ross's gray eyes took on a sad look. Quickly this look turned to one of fear as he recalled his own challenge of his previous pack's alpha hand how that had gone. Flattening his ears, the gray male turned away and went back into his den. He wouldn't watch this fight, especially since it was so pointless. Silas was letting his ego get to him, they didn't need all of this trouble when the humans were already threatening them.

    Lynn had woken up earlier than usual, being the first one awake. Figuring that she might as well be productive, especially seeing that she wasn't one to go back to sleep after waking up, she had gone on a small impromptu hunting trip. She made sure to keep close to the pack's territory and was extra light on her toes as she watched for signs of humans and their traps, but was soon out of earshot of the main camp. It was rather chilly in the morning air, and the she-wolf could see the faint outline of her own breath. It hadn't snowed, but winter was beginning to make its approach and she doubted it would be long before that happened. All the more reason to be hunting, food was going to be scarce over the winter. Even more so with the human hunters around, they were chasing away all the prey and killing the rest. Lynn flattened her ears at the thought of humans, totally unaware of the fight for dominance going on back at the pack.
  6. Tomek: Tomek let out a guttural noise of displeasure, jaw snapping at Silas' muzzle. He felt one of his fangs scrape along the thin fur of the other male's face, neck craning and claws scrabbling across the dense forest brush for a foothold and then, with a heave, Tomek threw the other wolf off, only to return the favor with a pounce of his own.

    Har: He lowered himself onto his belly. The scuffle would either ruin the relationship of the pack, or leave at least on of them with terrible scarring the next day. He supposed there was nothing wrong with that, scars made excellent fodder for reputation climbing, but he'd rather not listen to either of their egotistical nightly howls. His ears flicked in greeting when Ross approached.
  7. Silas growled as he hit the ground, slowly standing back up. He ran towards Tomek, jumping on top of him and wrapping his jaws around the other male's leg. He snarled loudly and pulled away, backing up a few steps.

    Yvaine watched the fight from afar, his heart beating out of his chest.

    Mila looked down, turning around and walking away from the fight. She didn't really want to watch.
  8. Ross was about to disappear back into his den when he saw Har flick his ears in greeting out of the corner of his eyes. Sensing that he was the only wolf that the male could be signalling to, the gray male turned back around and walked over to the other subordinate. Somewhat reluctantly lowering himself into a sitting position, Ross looked at the battling Silas and Tomek for a second before letting out a huff of breath in the ways of a sigh. Despite the bad memories that were beginning to come back to him, the gray-eyed male didn't show any sign of displeasure, just of indifference and perhaps slight irritation. It was obvious that the fight was pointless, it was just going to ruin the pack dynamics and make it harder to survive in these difficult times. Turning his gaze to Har, Ross flicked his ears towards the battling males. "What do you think about all this?" He asked the other male, looking around and wondering where Lynn had disappeared off to. It seemed like she was the only one not watching the spectacle, though since she was more mild in nature he wouldn't be surprised if she was back in her den waiting the fight out.
  9. Tomek: His back legs jerked and the great black wolf hopped away and nearly struck his opponent in the face, using the traction of the dirt beneath him to launch himself at Silas once more, canines sinking into the thick fur of his neck and locking into place. He tugged once, twice, rage apparent in his yellow eyes. That anger was fuel for the fight, and pushed him to stress the muscles of his jaw and try to sink his teeth in deeper.

    Har: His throat rumbled in a vocal shrug, regarding Ross quietly for a moment. "Pointless," he murmured. "We were doing just fine. Now we're going to have to start all over." He shook his head and rested on his paws to watch the fight, more exhausted than annoyed. He didn't care much about the outcome, so long as they were fit for the job. They needed a good leader if they were going to survive the coming winter.
  10. Ross had fixed his eyes on Har, regarding the other wolf for a few moments. Nodding his head once when the male agreed with him, turning away when and leaving Har alone as he rested his head on his paws and seemed to be slightly tired. While Ross had only joined the pack recently, he already knew the other wolves quite well, though Har was still somewhat of a mystery. The gold-eyed wolf seemed to be slightly more withdrawn than many of the other pack members, preferring to observe rather than take action himself. Or maybe that was just the way he was around Ross personally. Seeing Mila get up and start to walk away from the fight, Ross did the same - wondering if he should venture out into the forest. There had been increased human activity recently, however he figured that if he stayed close to pack grounds he would be alright. Uttering a goodbye to Har, the dark gray wolf padded out of the camp and into the forest. He quickly picked up Lynn's scent and decided to trail after the female, looking back to see where Mila had gone to. In these circumstances it was safer not to go anywhere alone, and he wouldn't mind some company.
  11. Mila looked at Ross, nodding to him and trailing along with him. She would much rather do this than see a fight.

    Silas yelped, ripping away from Tomek's jaws as quick as he could. He stumbled back a bit, his breath quickening. He ran forward to try again, but his vision blurred, causing him to fall to the ground.

    Yvaine's eyes widened at the yelping. Everyone stared at Silas, which lay on the ground.
  12. Tomek inspected the fallen Silas, circling his prone form. Once he'd made a full circle around to Silas' front, he dropped his head and clacked his teeth together near the other male's face, letting out a low, threatening growl. If Silas chose to get up again, Tomek let him know that he would gladly put him down once more if he tried anything. He set his right paw atop the other's exposed shoulder.

    Har chuffed and pushed himself out of the comfortable mass of leaves and dirt, turning his head away from the two and, head lowered as if to keep himself unnoticed, made his way to where the bushes and trees were thickest and made decent shelter. Where the small animals hid when winter came and the sun rose. Perhaps he'd hunt, and return when things were... calmer.
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  13. Silas flinched when the other male put his paw on his own shoulder. He slowly stood up, backing up a bit eith his tail in between his legs.
  14. Figuring that the fight was almost over Norah gazed at Tomek and got to her feet once Silas showed submission. "Wow. That was quick." She commented. "Not to bloody either." Beside her Kara raised up a bit, but still kept her belly fur about two inches from the ground. Norah glanced back at her, confused. "What's your problem? Tomek won, everything's back to normal." She pointed out and Kara glanced worriedly at Silas.
    "What if the hierarchies change?" She whispered with wide eyes and Norah groaned. This again. Norah hadn't met any wolf who was actually happy with their omega status until she met Kara. "What if Silas becomes an omega, and Lynn and I get bumped up to subordinates?" The dark wolf gasped.
    Norah scoffed, "I highly doubt that that's going to happen. Silas is probably going to go back to being a beta or at least a subordinate. No need to get all panicky." She reassured the younger she-wolf, who breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank goodness. I couldn't imagine having to go hunt every day and-and fight," Again Norah scoffed and turned back to focus on Tomek and Silas. Behind her, she heard a startled yelp as Kara got over her fears and most likely tackled Remy.

    "Hey Remy, wanna wrestle?" Kara growled playfully and Remy shook her off. "No. And you're supposed to ask that before you jump on me you know. Now shut up. The fight isn't over for sure yet."
  15. His tail twitched in annoyance, but Tomek seemed pleased with Silas' resignation and, out of caution, watched as he back off to make sure he wasn't going to attack again. "I won't be so lenient next time," he growled. Whether the other would keep his status was yet undecided, but for now Tomek would let Silas get used to his failure before any major changes to the hierarchy were made. And with their little battle resolved, he could focus his attention and energy on the encroaching humans and the approach of winter. Their territory was becoming pitifully small each day.

    Har had returned shortly after the fight ended, no prize to show his time and looking somewhat agitated. "Snow's comin'. Human hunters not even a howl away-- how am I supposed to hunt?" He seemed to be speaking to no one in particular, bounding up to the rest of the pack.
  16. Silas turned, retreating to a place away from the rest of the pack.

    Yvaine looked around after the fight ended, huffing and walking over to Kara, Norah, and Remy. "What do you guys think of this?"
  17. Norah got up and stretched. "I would have preferred for there not to have been a fight at all, but I suppose it was necessary. Better fr a dominance battle now then later when we really need to have each other's backs." She said, glancing over at Har who had commented about the humans. "But honestly, Silas could have held off until we found a safer territory away from those damned humans."

    Kara was shifting uncomfortably next to Remy who was leaning away from her, clearly ready to leave if she jumped him again. "I thought it was stupid." Remy said. "Tomek's always been the leader. Why did Silas have to challenge him?" He grumbled and Kara nodded in agreement.
  18. Yvaine's eyes widened. "You guys didn't know? Silas used to be an alpha, but was defeated in a battle because the other actually almost killed him. He eventually got kicked out of his old back due to certain reasons."
  19. "Silas," Tomek grunted as he approached his gathered packmates, "made a mistake. I have no intention of letting him get in the way of keeping us alive." He sat before them and curled his tail around his front paws.

    Har looked relieved. "Some of 'em - humans - were camped out sun-rise near the lake. It's starting to cool over. We'll have ice on our paws soon enough." Ice would have been a pleasant surprise during summer, but now? He shivered.
  20. Lynn continued walking through the forest, nose to the ground as she tried to pick up the scent of any prey. Her focus was solely on her hunt, and the biting cold ceased to bother her - however, as she kept going, her injury in her back left leg began to grow stiff with the cold. Soon she was moving with a slight limp, her lame leg dragging along on the floor and making a rather distinct set of tracks. She couldn't smell anything other than the wolves in her pack, and occasionally the small forest mouse that was so small it wasn't worth catching. Lifting her head when she caught a peculiar scent on the wind, the she-wolf stiffened as she caught the vague smell of humans. She didn't run, however, as she spotted a scent that she didn't quite recognize. It smelled slightly like wolf, but human at the same time.

    The wolf wasn't left long to wonder about what the smell was when four dogs leaped out of the surrounding bush and surrounded her. They all wore collars with strange tags on them, and they were all growling and snarling. Lynn yelped, trying to retreat but unable to when the fourth wolf rounded on her back and bit her. Panicking, Lynn didn't think to howl to her pack - instead just whimpering as the dogs paced around her and lunged at her every time she tried to move. Soon after she learned the reason why they weren't attacking her outright; the sound of humans yelling was approaching.

    Ross nodded to Mila as she recognized him and began to trail behind him, following Lynn's scent. It wasn't a difficult task, as it was one of the only more recent trails around the area - and if the scent had ever faded out, her distinct track was easy to pick out. Turning to Mila, Ross was about to speak when he heard a yelp from up ahead. It sounded like Lynn. Flattening his ears, he gestured for Mila to follow as he broke into a sprint - soon detecting a familiar scent that he new was dogs from an encounter when he had still been a loner. "This isn't good." The male growled softly to Mila, keeping his voice down in order to not draw attention to their presence. "If there are dogs, there will be humans close behind. We need to get Lynn than return to the pack and warn them quickly." He said, stiffening further when he started to hear humans. "You take the two on the left, I'll get the ones on the right." He barked at Mila before bounding off to the right.
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