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  1. Searching For Home
    The story of a pack of wolves who have been ran out of their home and are on the long journey to find it again.

    No god-modding!
    All Iwaku rules apply
    No wolfaboos or mary sue's/gary stew's
    If you want your character to be another character's mate, please talk to the owner of of character first!

    Alpha female:
    Alpha male:
    Beta female: Mila (@cliche )
    Beta male:
    Subordinates: Remy (@Polystical )
    Har (@Dipper )
    Lynn and Ross (@Amber Fox )
    Omega's: Yvaine (@cliche )
    Kara (@Polystical )
    Lone wolves:

    I will be accepting one of each role, but multiple for subordinates, omega's, and loners.
    The maximum number of people that I will be accepting is 15, three spots are already reserved.

    Number of character's per person is 1-3.

    Character sheet:

    Wanted role in the pack: (your role will be decided by me/other members)
    Physical appearance: (you may use a picture, or just describe. No anime pictures allowed!)
    Back story:

    My characters:

    Name: Silas
    Age: 4
    Sex: Male
    Wanted role in the pack: Alpha male
    Physical appearance:
    Back story: Silas was raised in a large, aggressive pack. He eventually got kicked out after being friendly to a lone wolf. He traveled for eight months, eventually starting a pack of his own.
    Extras: Has a few aggression issues, which were passed on to him from his old pack,

    Name: Mila
    Age: 3
    Sex: Female
    Wanted role in the pack: Beta female
    Physical appearance:
    Back story: Mila was born in a dense forest with about 4 other puppies. Her mother was quite sickly, dying a few months after she was born. Her father had to take care of her and her siblings, one of the other puppies getting attacked by a bear and losing a leg. A few years later Mila and her siblings left home to start their own pack, or join one. Mila has since then never seen her family, finding a new pack as well.
    Extras: Has a scar on left, back paw from getting into a fight with another wolf.

    Name: Yvaine
    Age: 1
    Sex: Female
    Wanted role in the pack: Omega
    Physical appearance:
    Back story: Yvaine was lost in the forest of her family after a forest fire, never being able to find them. She traveled alone a few months later, eventually finding the pack that she is in now.
    Extras: Very skittish.

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  2. Tomek



    Five years.

    Wanted role in the pack

    Alpha or Beta male.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sleek, inky black fur coats his body and fades to grey along his underbelly and muzzle, accented by flecks of lighter color between sharp yellow eyes. His streamlined, yet sturdy, build gives off an impression of power that compliments his self-assured demeanor. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tomek, despite his size, is remarkably patient and approachable, with a fierce sense of loyalty to his pack and a determination to finish what he starts. He remains cool and confident in all situations, level-headed during times of stress and unflinchingly supportive of his and his packmates’ decisions, provided they are wise enough to follow through with. His attitude is generally focused towards realism and practicality rather than idealism, though he will not shy from sharing some encouraging thoughts when times get rough.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He often sees himself as not only a voice of reason, but a seasoned navigator with a decent memory that has served him well in the past. A defender of his home who strictly adheres to his own set of rules, Tomek does what he can to make life for the pack as safe as possible, and expects others to do the same.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tends to be somewhat wary around loners, and aggressive towards deserters. Unintentionally cruel when put under too much pressure, makes more mistakes than he'd admit to. Terribly prideful, or at least thinks highly of himself.[/BCOLOR]

    Back story

    Tomek spent much of his early life as a lonewolf until starting a pack of his own with his brother and a group of juveniles around the age of one. Tomek left the pack of juveniles early into its life to seek out better land and stronger packmates, presumably after the loss of much of the pack due to starvation or other natural causes.


    Excellent hunter in the winter.

    Also known to be quite playful with cubs, and a goof when a food source is stable.




    Two years.

    Wanted role



    The runt of a litter of four, Har was mostly ignored during his early years among a rather small pack living in a dense mountain forest. As most young wolves who weren't fit to challenge for the position of alpha, Har left his pack to seek out a new one before winter. Much of his early life was spent roaming, though he's hardly fit for handling life solo.


    Playful and erratic.
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  3. Alright, I think I did okay there. Input is appreciated.
  4. Name: Remy
    Age: 8 months
    Wanted role in the pack: Subordinate
    Physical appearance:
    Remy (open)

    Back story: Remy was born in a relatively small pack that moved often because they were so small in number that it was easy for other packs to run them out of their territory. One night when the pack was dispersed, Remy got separated and found this current pack. Even though he could have kept traveling to find his old pack, Remy decided against it because he was tired of running away all the time and giving in to the bigger wolf.
    Personality: He is a stubborn young wolf who hates to be bullied or intimidated. He won't back down from a fight even when the odds are against him. He isn't however interested in a leadership position, he just doesn't like being bullied.
    Abilities: He is a very fast runner with a fair amount of stamina.

    Name: Kara
    Age: 3
    Wanted role in the pack: Omega
    Physical appearance:
    Kara (open)

    Back story: Kara was forced out of her pack after making a hierarchy faux pas when she began courting another submissive even though she was not one half of an alpha pair. Even though she wants to create her own pack, she joined this one because she knows that she'll die on her own.
    Personality: Kara is a curious and rambunctious wolf, who likes playing more than hunting. She's the ideal pup sitter, as she doesn't have any better useful skills. Kara is a big dreamer who wants to create her own pack, but she's physically weak and terrible at hunting. She tends to overstep boundaries a lot as she doesn't see why only the alpha female should be allowed to have pups.
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  5. @Dipper
    I thought it was no anime pictures?
  6. That's not anime, as far as I know. Just drawn. I don't think there was a mention against that, or if we were limited to real images. It can always be changed, but I don't think it says we're not allowed to use art...?

    Just let me know if that's okay or not, @cliche.
  7. Its fine, I just meant no legit anime pictures.
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  8. Second one up, omitted the personality for reasons. Again, input is appreciated.
  9. Well, I guess we could start deciding some of the roles, if you picked subordinate, its already yours as its a neutral role in a pack.
  10. Looks like Silas has a challenger. Everyone's chosen roles seem fine, so the only role that's contested is alpha. Tomek strikes me as being leader-ly, or at least supportive of a leader - a second, if you will - if not one himself, so I can imagine him in at least one of those roles. Mila looks pretty stable in her position, but I guess we'll have to wait until our last member posts to see what happens.
  11. If it sounds alright, when the roleplay starts, Silas could be the beta male. Then it could actually start with Silas and Tomek battling for dominance, and who ever loses just kind of becomes a subordinate, or something like that.
  12. That could work, sure. Then again, would you want the fight to be already thought out just for effect, or random?
  13. Hmm. Im not quite sure.
  14. Or we could just decide on it all here, so that we can get started on the main plot sooner. You're the GM, so naturally, first choice goes to you.
  15. We should just kind of let it go down how it wants, and not plan.
  16. I'd like to make one more wolf vying for the position of Alpha female if that's alright? :o
  17. Gah, people, why do you all have to be active while I'm asleep? D:

    @Dipper Tomek's character sheet is killing my eyes. I personally use the light layout and all of the font coloring (especially the white you've put on the answers, I'm reading white on white background here) is really hard to read for me. xD But I really like both of your characters, but Har could be a little more fleshed out - though it seems you've made him vague on purpose.

    @Polystical Haha, I was thinking of making a run for alpha female as well. But it depends who is actually going to turn out as the alpha at this point. Tomek or Silas?

    Anyhow, here's my two. They're both subordinates, but if there are any spaces to fill I'm fine with that.

    Lynn (open)

    Name: Kilyn 'Lynn'
    Age: 3 Years
    Gender: Female
    Wanted role in the pack: Subordinate
    Back Story: Lynn was an omega in a larger pack, but eventually got tired of her low rank and ran away. She was under the impression that there would be another pack somewhere else that would take her in and she would be able to live successfully. However, she was soon proved wrong when she tried to approach a larger pack as a loner - instead of being taken in, she was chased away and injured. She was left with a permanent limp in her back left leg. Luckily for her, she found this pack not that long afterwards and was taken in; achieving her dream of being treated as a normal member. She isn't ambitious, she just wants to be treated right.

    Ross (open)

    Name: Ross
    Age: 3 Years
    Gender: Male
    Wanted role in the pack: Subordinate
    Back Story: Ross was born into a smaller pack with an aging alpha. He had the brilliant idea of challenging the said alpha at the age of two, cocky and sure of his abilities and the fact that the alpha wasn't able to defend himself anymore. However, the alpha was still a wolf to be reckoned with, and Ross fought, lost and was exiled. His ego was deflated and hasn't been the same ever since, and his sense of ambition has disappeared as well. Ross ventured as a loner for awhile, and while a normal young male might contemplate starting his own pack, he didn't even consider it. Upon finding this pack, he hasn't even thought about trying for a higher role than subordinate; happy to play it safe and stay as a normal pack member.
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  18. Thats fine!
  19. @Amber Fox I forget people use the white sometimes. Sorry, I'll change it. The yellow hurts my eyes. And yeah, Har's a bit vague intentionally. Thanks for the feedback, though-- I appreciate it.
  20. If you guys want, we can start the roleplay a bit and find out who the alpha male will be.
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