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  1. I'm Looking for ONE more partner!

    Hey folks! Here's my first attempt at a libertine partner search. Felt compelled to give it a try, so here I am! I'm looking for a long term libertine partner who values heavy emphasis on plot while sexual scenes complement the story. I'm very open to everything sexual wise except things that belong in the bathroom. Not my cup of tea. From rough to gentle, dominating to submissive, and most other things, I'm open to it all!

    I'm not too demanding of post lengths, but I do ask for two paragraphs typically. However, more or less is totally okay as well :)!

    Here are some pairings that presently come to mind:

    Bold = Craving
    Strikeout = Taken

    Resistance fighter x Resistance fighter (Homeland invasion setting or something similar)
    Survivors (Zombie, plague, apocalypse, anything!)
    Sister x Sister
    Idol x Fan

    And some fandoms!

    Falling Skies
    The 100

    Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning x OC, Fang x OC, Lightning x Fang)
    Dying Light

    That's all I can think of for now. If there are other pairings or fandoms that you'd like to do, please share! I love bouncing ideas off with my partners!​
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  2. Ello!

    I just love doing some FxF, and would love to do your Sister x Sister or Survivors plot :D
  3. If you would allow original characters I'd be quite interested in falling skies!
  4. I would like to role play with you most any would do. I love being submissive most the time but occasionally dominate. I can handle both gental and rough. I like the sister x sister, college roommates of yours, and I have some ideas on my own. Please pm me if interested.
  5. Thought I'd send out another feeler :)!
  6. Still looking :)!
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Not open for further replies.