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Angel or Devil:
Your character is either a Devil, a Grim Reaper, or an Angel that seems to be a bit odd. My character died and had to pick out of you three which one to take her soul in three days. Your character uses those three days to get to know her and how her used soul is being used. [In the game the Angel asks who she chooses and the Grim and Devil kidnap her instead.]
My Fairy Tale:
Your character is based off of one of the original Fairy Tales. He could be the son or whatever if you want. My character fell into a different world (forgot how so we'll make it like Alice of Wonderland). Your character attempts to help my character.
Destiny Ninja, Ninja Love:
My character is a Princess (Destiny) and a Ninja Princess (Ninja Love) and something bad happens and your character has to protect mine.
Ninja Assassin:
An assassin kills my characters family so she goes to an assassin guild for help. Your character is appointed to help take care of and give her home while she learns to become an assassin herself.
Destiny Ninja 2:
My character and your character are both Ninjas and have to bring harmony back to the four seasons.
Wizardess Heart:
(M/C) is a Witch and was granted to go to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy where she meets (Y/C). They end up becoming binded together due to this thing where they will be partners when they are graduated.
Guilty Alice:
(M/C) visited a shop and saw a jewelry box with a heart inside. The heart shatters as soon as she touched it. That night she had a dream, she was in Wonderland and the Red Queen said she stole and broke her 'heart'. (Y/C) (based on one of the Wonderland characters) shows up when (M/C) awakes. They have to fall in love and form another crystal heart. Once formed (M/C) will lose all memories of the one she fell for.
Starstruck Love: Your character's father recently adopted my character, her parent's was his friend, there is you and three other brothers (we can play). You are all stars and my character will be the new act. One brother was her best friend when they where little (but no longer), one was sweet and flirty, one was a bit harsh, and I forgot the other so we can make up the personality.
My Sweet Bodygaurd:
My character wakes one day with new that the prime minister died and he was her father. The ones after her father knows she exists and plans to kill her. She is given a bodygaurd.
Office Lover:
Her boss (Y/C) is trying to get this shy assistant to be proud of herself. He flirts constantly with her and slowly it get hot and heavy. Is it still about getting the shy girl to be bright?
My Forged Wedding:
(M/C) needs money, her parents put her in dept, and (Y/C) is rich and needs a wife for a job or publicity. He proposes the idea to have her as his wife if he pays off the dept. They slowly fall in love.
Our Two Bedroom Story: New job makes two opposites live together under the same roof. One of the rules, hiding it from other people. What will happen?
Seven Husbands:
(Y/C) and six others (we will play them) are all rich and a few of you are famous. One of them that is a lawyer/cop heard about (M/C) missing parents and dept. You all need a wife so you took 50 Million of my dept each. My rules are: Cannot refuse gifts or money, Must love equally (which will be broken), and must spend a night with one of them each night (does not mean sex). (M/C) will fall for yours.
Dreamy Days:
(M/C) moved for almost ten years then moved back. (Y/C) went from this childhood friend or friend and bully to this grown man. If played the 'best friend' they once had plans to marry (like six year olds say they do.
Scandal in the Spotlight: A singer for a band goes missing, which made (M/C) the singer. Not only does (M/C) work as the singer but she also has to work as a manager. So, she is at beck and call to (Y/C) and the other members of the band.
Idol Days:
(M/C) moves to a new town and meets (Y/C), (Y/C) is part of a well known local band and needing a new guitarist. (M/C) happens to be one.
Always Remember Me:
(Y/C) was dating (M/C) when they got in a car wreck. In an attempt to protect (M/C), (Y/C) got hurt and lost his memory. (M/C) attempts to win his heart back. Also, there is (NPCs) that try to break them up.
Charms of Lavender Blue:
There is a curse over (M/C), when she first falls in love the man will try to kill her or die trying. She tries to find a necklace to put the curse to an end, but, she needs (Y/C)'s help. Until they find this necklace she has to keep at bay. Once he returns her love he'll be under the curse.
My Forbidden Love:
(M/C) lived a normal life until one day she became a celebrity, for what felt like, over night. (Y/C) is the new butler, (Y/C) is the proper type the one that wants the barrier between boss and employee.
Kiss of Revenge:
(M/C) gets a job at the hospital where her mother died from. She planned to kill (Y/C) but she started falling for him and eventually couldn't kill him. Despite she had the knife right there to his throat he does nothing but try to get her forgiveness and her heart.
Enchanted in the Moonlight:
(M/C) was attacked by a demon for a power passed down for generations. Another demon (its called an Ayakashi) saves her. Though, in return for protection (Y/C) wants her powers. He places a mark on her so she can drain the powers when needed. At first it was about power but what happens when he ends up liking this human thing?
Love for a Thousand Years:
(M/C) witnessed a commotion between a demon and a Vampire (Y/C and an NPC: You pick which). She later finds out she is their ex-love reborn. They waited a thousand years for (M/C) to be reborn and take back with them.
Class Trip:
(M/C) goes to an all girls school, (Y/C) goes to an all boy school. They get paired together on a school trip the two schools are going on.
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