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  1. Hello, Everyone! :D

    Today, I got to go see Star Trek Beyond and now I have a major craving for an RP surrounding Star Trek. Preferably with the Canon Characters and OC's. I'll be listing a few other fandoms I'd like to do as well, but seriously. If you're fine with my rules and are interested in a Star Trek rp, just send me a PM.

    Now, to my rules. :3

    1. I rp primarily on PM's. It's just easier for me. However, I am open to roleplaying over email (not skype) so please let me know which one you would prefer.

    2. I only rp with those in my age group, it's nothing against the teens, but I just prefer to rp with adults. Apologies, guys.

    3. I do have limits. Only two triggers that are rather specific due to a former partner that sprung something on me. They're listed in my information, but I can also tell you over pm if you ask. Please let me know if you have limits or triggers of your own.

    4. Let me know if you no longer want to roleplay. I won't be upset, I promise. c: I just prefer to know.

    5. HAVE FUN. This is an rp for both of us. I want us both to enjoy it. :3

    An extra note would be to say that I love planning out rps with my partner. I'm creating this thread with little in mind, so feel free to suggest AU's, tell me your own ideas, and build an rp with me. I'm sure we can create something we both love!

    Now for the Fandoms:

    Star Trek Reboot (obviously)

    Harry Potter

    One Piece

    Blue Exorcist

    The Couples I would like to do:

    -- Quick Note: I enjoy doubling. Feel free to pick a character for me to play, I'm pretty good at most of these characters. c: I also don't mind playing MxM, MxF, and FxF. However I do not have a lot of experience with FxF.

    Star Trek:

    Leonard McCoy x OC

    Harry Potter:

    Draco Malfoy x OC

    One Piece:

    Trafalgar Law x OC

    Blue Exorcist:

    Ryuji Suguro x OC

    I have only listed the couples that I would like to play the OC of. I can play any other character for you, so please feel free to ask!

    That being said, I look forward to hearing from you guys! :D We can discuss more in PM, so please leave a comment or just send me a message! Have a wonderful day/night. I look forward to hearing from you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.