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Searching for awesome Partners for Fandom and Other Awesome Roleplays

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ciri, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. Hello lovely person reading my post! *waves*

    I am hoping to find some roleplay partners! Could it be you?


    Here are my Fandoms:

    Anime/ Animated Series:

    Fruits Basket*
    Wolfs Rain
    Sengoku Basara**
    Innocent Venus
    Samurai Champloo*
    Deadman Wonderland
    Fairy Tail
    Air Gear


    Marvel (Loki, Thor, Rogue, Bucky are ones I tend to play)**
    Star Wars
    300 Rise of an Empire**


    Assassins Creed (i would love to do one as Edward Kenway)
    Devil May Cry** (am hoping to find some one who would do Dante x Nero O.O)
    Far Cry 3 (would love to find someone who would play Vaas?) **
    Tomb Raider*
    The Last Of Us
    Kingdom Hearts***
    Remember Me
    Beyond Two Souls**
    Jax Series (have an awesome plot based around Jak's children!) ***

    Tomb Raider crossover with Far Cry 3 (is something I really would love to do!)*

    Tv Series:

    Sons Of Anarchy
    Once Upon A Time

    Original Stuff:

    Demon x Demon Hunter
    Human X Alien

    Native American Indian Princess X Native American Indian Prince *
    Shapeshifter General x Blacksmith (I have a story in mind for this one XP)
    Cyborg X Human
    God X Human

    Ones with * beside them are ones I really want to do ^-^

    I honestly am hunting for as many rps as I can get X3 also don't get me wrong I have some awesome partners already! ^^

    Okay What I am looking for:
    A Partner that Posts at least once a day. (Within Reason obviously)
    Someone that says things straight. (tells me if my style is off ect)
    A consistent Partner, please don't say yes I will join then stop replying.... really disappoints me (I know I have been guilty once of twice for doing it but I do my 100% best to tell you!)
    I would like it if my partner is older than 18 too please ^_^​

    Look Forward to hearing from you! ^-^​
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  2. I'd love a Assassins Creed roleplay with you
  3. Awesome! XD pm me please?
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  4. I would be more than willing to do a Star Wars, or your Demon x Demon Hunter With you
  5. @ Oniaxis: please pm me? ^-^ (Sorry I took so long to comment)
  6. I pmed you :3
  7. I'd be interested in Durarara or Fruits Basket c:
  8. @ fuzzycats12: Sure! pm me

    Also Updated! ^^
  9. Wow, this is the first time I saw Samurai Champloo in a wanted Fandom Rp.. Did you have any thoughts on this rp?
  10. Hello~ I was wondering if we could do the native American princess X native American prince or the durarara? X3 please
  11. Yay! More replies ^-^

    @ Taichou: I have a basic idea in mind yes but if you pm me we could brainstorm together.

    @Marie katelynn: I would love to do either one with you ^^ feel free to pm me and we can figure out which one to do
  12. Hi, I'd be interested in doing a Once Upon a Time role play with you :)
  13. @Trifected: Awesome! Once upon a Time is amazing! please pm me and we can plan out something awesome!

  14. Still searching ^-^
  15. I would be interested in the kingdom hearts or samurai champloo rp
  16. Oh, I wouldn't mind doing Once Upon A Time with you.
  17. Cyborg x Human could be fun
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