Searching for an active roleplay partner!

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  1. I am a very active roleplayer.
    I can play both genders.
    I prefer to be the submissive character but I can play dominant.
    My main genres to play is anything with romance. Doesn't matter if it's sci-fi, fantasy, modern... It has to have romance.

    Romance and hot steamy yaoi action is a must! There has to be some kind of plot though. I get bored too easily if there isn't a plot. There isn't really much else. I'm good with Master/Slave or Lower Slays Higher kind of stuff. I'm pretty laid back!

    I like to play badass, uncooperative ukes. I also enjoy timid ukes or flaming ukes. I don't like to play seme but I can. My semes are either very sweet or dominant assholes.

    I am a mature roleplayer and I like to do descriptive, explicit dirty sex scenes...
    There needs to be a plot. Equal to the sex or more.

    I'm really up for anything new or already done. Just run it by me first. I'm pretty much comfortable with anything as long as it's fictional, you know?

    Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

  2. All right I've got this idea that's something like masterxslave but it's not quite that. So my character is a fae, and if you find something of the fae's then you can bind them and use their magic. So lets say that your character happens upon something of my character, I was thinking he could be some sort of animal fae and your character could find whatever thing he shed to take human form, and is unaware of what it is and what it means until he has a very angry naked man trying to get it back.

    But before we talk a lot about this we should probably discuss which mature thread you're a part of or if you're willing to take this off-site if we're part of different ones. I'm in the below 18 group.
  3. Psychedelic This does sound very interesting :) Would you like to talk some more and develop the plot a bit more?

    And Sharpie, I'm not quite sure I follow. We can talk some more though :)
  4. Sorry, my brain sort of throws out things XD but yeah I'd love to talk with you some more :3
  5. Do you have skype or some kind of instant messenger? I find these forums a little slow, lol.
  6. Excellent. Want to pop on skype?
  7. Yep, already there. viinttage.101