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  1. Hello~ So, I'm in the mood for a dom/sub type of roleplay involving vampires. I've thought up of two ideas already, but your own plots are welcome as well. A few things about me before we begin, however.
    • I like to think myself as a moderately literate roleplayer. I am very good at avoiding grammar/spelling errors, but I'm human as well (surprise, surprise), and can make mistakes too. Post size will also be mirror-based: what you give is what you get, or at least, to the best of my ability.
    • My life can get rather hectic at times for reasons I will not bore you with, and I understand that you do have a life as well (le gasp!), so I'm pretty lax with postings. All I ask is that you do the same for me.
    • Regarding plot to smut ratio, I'm willing to work that out individually, but I do prefer that there is at least some romance between the characters and that it has time to develop from the darker aspects of the roleplay, if there are any. That could be anywhere from angsty enemy hate/love, to fluffy romantic love and everything in between.
    Now, onto the plots!

    Master x Fledgling
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    An elder vampire with century upon century of experience is wandering through a small town. Unexpectedly, he meets a male who he decides has exceptional potential to become a great vampire with the right training. In a snap decision, he kidnaps the male and turns him, intending to become his Master in order to teach him about the world and the new powers he will gain. The male is, understandably, resistant, but his Sire knows that his Fledgling must have complete and unyielding faith and obedience before he can begin to teach him of his powers, as even one misstep can result in a deathly injury. As such, he endeavors to control every aspect of the male's life, from his training schedule to who he befriends, in order to acclimate the male into a life of isolation and training with his Master as his only company. Along the way, however, he forms feelings for his young Fledgling, which border on obsessive. Will the Master's good intentions become paved with jealousy and possessiveness? How far will he go to hold his Fledgling's attention? How will the Fledgling react if his Master goes a bit too far?

    Dracula x Human
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    What if the events and people of Stoker's Dracula were real? What if one of the gypsies transporting Dracula managed to ensure that the vampire king would reawaken? Set in modern times, the descendant of Jonathan and Mina Harker (unaware of his true heritage) has just lost his parents. As the last of his bloodline, he inherits the wealth of his ancestors, which comes in several hidden-away storage units. A few days after the funeral, he decides it best to get his mind off of his loss, and takes the key to the units and begins poking around. He finds what he had expected, ancient heirlooms and dusty furniture, but picks up a pocket watch; the small watch is simple, unlike the intricate items around it. However, upon opening it, a cloud of what seems to be dust comes out. In truth, it is the essence of Dracula, and when the young man breathes it in, he becomes the vampire's host. What will the newly awakened Dracula do when he learns that his host body belongs to the descendant of the man who defeated him all those years ago? How will he decide to exact his revenge against the Harkers?
  2. It's a shame I'm not all too good roleplaying the possessive types and don't know a whole lot about Stoker's dracula.
  3. In regards to the Master/Fledgling plot...

    Do you want this to be a modern roleplay? What sort of time period were you wanting to have this set in?
    Also, how dominating would you want the master to be? Do you want him being a bit on the abusive side? Meaning he would slap the fledgling if he got real mouthy with him, or even tie him to the bed or something if he tried to run off. I am just trying to get a better feel of what you are wanting for this roleplay. I am quite interested in it, since I tend to play dominating characters.
  4. I had originally assumed it would be modern, as there would be less of a belief that vampires are real and therefore the fledgling would be further resistant to the idea, but it can fit into another setting if you wish. As for the master, that's up to you, if you choose to do that rp. I certainly wouldn't mind if he got a bit rough, and the fledgling will definitely try and run away; there's room for whatever way you want to ensure he'll stay put. Maybe use some sort of cursed artifact, a ring or something, that won't allow him out of a certain radius? Or if fledglings have to feed from their sire's own blood for the first few months after being turned, and so he has no choice but to return after each escape? Anyway, I'm a rather flexible person, so it's all up to you, in the end.
  5. Well, I would like to do that roleplay with you. I understand that I just joined up today, so I do not really have any examples of my roleplaying abilities, save for what I had put as an example on my roleplay resume; which you are more than welcome to check out: click for profile

    As for the vampire I would be playing, I believe he would be abusive toward the fledgling since the younger vampire would be so dead set on trying to get away from him. We could have it to where he does need to feed from his master to help his powers grow, but if he chose to leave then he very well could. Though since he is newly made, the craving for blood would be very strong and could cause him to kill many humans around him. Though I could come up with some sort of trinket that would help keep the fledgling nearby. :]

    And as for the vampires themselves: I tend to play vampires that are capable of consuming food and drink, but need blood to actually survive and remain strong. The consumption of human food only allows them to blend in much more easily. They are also able to go out into the sun though their powers are lowered in strength; and newly turned tend to avoid it because it will hurt them [mainly a great burning sensation on the eyes and skin, but they do not burst into flames]. They are all generally fast and agile, hold great strength, able to heal most wounds easily [though the amount of blood in their body does help], and tend to have certain gifts that pertain to that line. And so if one is created from that line they would receive those gifts or gifts similar to their masters'.

    How do you tend to play your vampires? Or what do you like to have them based on? I can work with just about anything. I merely posted what I prefer to play as.
  6. Awesome! I myself am new here, so don't worry about that. What you have up there is actually considerably longer than anything I've ever done, but I'll try my best. ^^;

    That sounds fine. All this talk about the master, now what do you want the fledgling to be like? He'll obviously start off hating the elder vampire, cursing him out as many times as he can, or at least dares, depending on how he reacts to the abuse. He'll try escaping mutiple times, maybe trying to sabotage their surroundings to handicap his master or poison him or something like that when he sees how well escaping ends up. How resistant do you want him to be/how long do you want him to refuse to follow his master's word?

    For vampires, what you've outlined is pretty much what I go by. With eating, it's like someone who's been starved or very ill; if the vampire hasn't had human food in a while, then they'll have to start small and simple before attempting richer and heartier meals. In other words, if a fledgling doesn't stop eating human food even after their turn, they'll be fine so as long as they keep at it. Age is usually important to my vampires. The older ones can easily move about in the daylight, are stronger, and obviously wiser. Bloodline traits are also included, as most of my vampire charas have been descendants of Dracula, and therefore have certain abilities, particularly power over shadows. One of them had actually rejected his vampire self, thus creating an alternate personality that contained his more vampire-like qualities, such as bloodlust and vampiric abilities.

    Other than that, I tend to base my vampires off of Alucard from Hellsing. Pfft, not that he's a normal vampire. But, that also goes along with the whole age equals power thing, so.. *shrugs* I'm fine with going with what you've described. X3
  7. For the fledgling, I don't believe we want him to give in too easily too soon. Allow him to really get under his master's skin so later on he will be unable to get the younger vampire out of his mind. And as for how I would want him to resist, that is entirely up to you. I will let you come up with how you would like him to be and bring that information into the roleplay. Give myself a bit of a surprise every now and then. hehe.

    Alucard from Hellsing is absolutely amazing! A dear friend of mine uses him as a base for one of our roleplays; actually the one that is used as my roleplay example. Shall we have our vampires gain the ability to control shadows? Mine tend to go more for mental abilities [telepathy and telekinesis mainly], but I am open to suggestions to what their power should be. And I agree with the whole 'age equals power' thing. If you have a young vampire, their power will not be strong. If you have an older vampire, then its best to assume they can hurt you...greatly.

    I already have an image found for my character and shall be working on his bio very shortly. Do you have a character sheet that you would like me to use? Or shall I just post up various bits of information on my vampire?
  8. Right, so I'll have him be pretty wild. He'll have a really strong sense of pride, so he'll not want to submit so easily. I have a few ideas already, but I suppose I'll see once we get started. Do you want anything specific in the fledgling? Like, his background or appearance or whatnot?

    Yes, yes he is. I love him so much, especially in Hellsing Ultimate. I don't really have any other specific talents in mind. Shadow powers are good, and the telepathy is interesting too. Maybe that's another thing that sort of connects the fledgling to the master, like Alucard and Seras' mental connection. And that might be one of the ways the master convinces the younger vampire to stay, showing him how powerful and great he could become with the right training.

    I still have to search for a FC, but I'll work on the bio as soon as I have time. I don't usually have a set template; I just mirror whatever my partner's chara bio looks like, so just include whatever seems relevant. Of course, the basics, name, age, etc, but feel free to post up whatever you come up with.
  9. Really, I am allowing his creation to be solely up to you. Though you may want to come up with something that really catches the master's eye. Turning someone into a vampire for the hell of it is not always the best of ideas. hehe.

    I will work on my character as the day goes on and in between a few things I need to get done. Hopefully I can have him ready and good to go by the end of the day.
  10. Of course. I've found some pictures, but I'm not sure which one I'll use. As a side note, I was going to make him 18, a senior in his high school. Is that an acceptable age for you?

    Anyway, here is what I've found. You can choose out of these, and if not, I'll randomly pick one or look for others. ^^ And don't worry about that. You can take your time, since I'm a bit busy myself.
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  11. All three are great pictures, but I am more drawn to the third one. The choice is all yours though!

    I think this will be my master vampire...if you want, I can find someone else to portray him.

  12. Third one it is! And it's fine, I truly was stuck between the three of them and planning on just finding another if need be.

    And that one's fine. Lol, Will.
  13. Will just looks like he could be a dominant, master vampire. hehe.
  14. Well, that is true; he fits the role well. Though, I still love Sebastian more. >///<
  15. My master vampire is now complete! You do not have to use the template that I have used; it's just something that I use for all of my characters. Here is the link for you to see his bio: click here

    Btw, since this is a modern rolepaly, where shall it take place? Or should we just make it some sort of generic metropolis? Was not sure if you had a place in mind or not.
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