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  1. Fantastic meeting you here. My name is Lux, and I am interested in a story.

    My Rules and Standards (open)

    • I only really ever want a MxM based role play. Female characters are fine, as secondary, but the main characters I want are going to be male.
    • Speaking of which, I like having more than two characters active in a story, if it calls for it.
    • Romance is absolutely secondary. I am not going to walk into a rp for the sole sake of hooking two guys up and letting them have at it. Romance must happen naturally, through the plot, or not at all.
    • I love plots, I love twists and drama and action. The more active the plot is, the more interested I am in it.
    • I also love world building. Species, technologies, cultures and the like. I absolutely adore it. However, it isn't necessary, if you're not the world building type.
    • I've marked the expectations as adept. I know not every post can be a masterpiece, and if it calls for it then it can be short and to the point, but I would prefer someone who is attentive to the posts and stick to their characters' personalities fairly well.

    What Do I Want In A Story? (open)

    • Science Fiction
      • The more wild and out their the fiction is, the better. Aliens, Androids, Wild frontiers of endless space, weapons that destroy entire planets, ancient alien technologies, all of it, I want it all!
    • Fantasy
      • I like both light and high fantasy. I haven't had any good ones in a while, as most people have narrowed this subject down for me terribly.
    • Steampunk
      • I like to think that this is a lot like fantasy, only with snazzy gadgets instead of magic.
    • Horror
      • I haven't had any good horror stories ever. I suspect that I won't be any good at it at first, so tread here at your own risk, and come with a good plot!
    • Mythology
      • I do like playing with the imperfect gods. I don't know enough lore and history to play from the ones that already exist (Thor, Zeus, etc), but I like to make up my own.
    • Post Apocalypse
      • Humans are fucked, how are they going to survive?
    • Time Travel
      • Future meets past? Future meets future - future? Lets warp the space - time continuum together!
  2. I'd be interested in something fantasy or post-apocalypse with you!
  3. =D I sent you a message!
  4. Hey. I wouldn't mind starting something with you. :) But I should probably point out that I'm not going to be the most super active poster in the world. Just so you know.

    The genres that most interest me are all of them Time Travel, Steampunk or Sci-fi.

    Just let me know if you're interested in doing something with me. Thanks for your time.
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  5. I sent you a message =D yay
  6. :o I'd love to do a post-apocalyptic roleplay with you! Or a fantasy one ~
  7. still searching <3
  8. still searching <3
  9. I am fantasy based mostly, but open to new ideas. Just because I haven't done it doesn't mean I won't give it a try. I have lately had an intense fascination with Norse mythology, if that sounds interesting to you in the least. We may have to discuss what you mean when you say fantasy, because I know there are different definitions.
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