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  1. So. Life kinda tanked for a while, but now I'm back and I hope I can be forgiven.

    I'm looking for a few roleplays. Things that can hold my attention and make me want to know what's next. Can you give that to me? I like sci-fi, fantasy, and post-apocalypse and I very much prefer mxm. I like conflict and drama, characters that don't click right away, fights, verbal and physical. I like the dirty, gritty bits, because life isn't a fairy tale and a win is only worth it if it's fought for.

    What do I want ?

    - I want someone who can post descriptively, who explains motives, thoughts, and feelings behind the actions, whether it takes one paragraph or ten.
    - Sex is never the priority. It may motivate the character, but it should never motivate the writer.
    - Follow the website rules. There is no way I want to get into a story only to have it shut down because it broke the rules.
    - Respect my boundaries and I'll respect yours.
    - Don't ever take over my characters. It's a good way to lose my interest, fast.
    - I don't care if it takes you a week to reply, just don't up and disappear without a heads up.
    - Got an issue with something I do? Want the rp to go a certain way? Have questions? Talk to me, I can be chatty.

    Story prompts.


    || Royalty || Aliens || SCP Foundation || Space fleet academy || Parasites ||
    || Space Pirates || Androids || Rebellion || Oppression || Parallel universes ||
    || Time Travel || Colonizing the wrong planet || Outlaws || Treasure hunters || War || Horror ||
    || DNA Experimentation || Hyper government surveillance || Lost Colony ||
    || Scarred soldier seeks refuge with virtual reality || Cryogenic Freeze || Living Dolls ||
    || Implant viruses || Immortal haunted by the memory of a mortal love ||
    || Door to another universe ||​

    || Royalty || Racism || Magic || Dragons || Demons || Angels || Stollen Face/Identity ||
    || Corrupt Gods || Guardians of a hidden Civilization || False Memories/Life ||
    || A true wishing well || Suddenly Magic || War || Horror || Switched at birth ||
    || Not the highest on the food chain || A sickness that travels through magic ||
    || Door to another universe ||​


    || Zombies || Corrupt Governments || Slaves || Crippled technology ||
    || Almost everyone on the planet suddenly disappeared ||
    || War || Horror || Not the highest on the food chain ||​
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  2. OMG it's you O_O

    I missed our pee~
  3. Hello darling. I've missed it as well. Forgive me?
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  4. You don't even need to ask!

    I don't suppose you'd like to RP with me again, would you?
  5. Absolutely.
  6. still searching
  7. still looking
  8. still searching
  9. searching forever
  10. I'd be willing to do something in fantasy, I kinda suck at sci-fi and apocalyptic things though
  11. Yes! Sickness that travels through magic caught my eye. Wondering if you have any plots or characters or ideas?
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