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  1. Hopefully you’re here because you’re in a mood to role play Steve. (Unless you here because your name is Steve Rogers. Then sorry dude, you can leave now)
    I’m mainly interested in an M/M relationship between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers. In other words a Stony/Superhusbands RP. (I already have a plot where Tony is a female so I’m not in the mood for a Fem!Tony RP. Or a Fem!Steve for that matter)
    I’m usually play switch and I’m searching for a switch, but Tony is obviously the more sexually active of the two I don’t mind leading. I just wants Steve to take control sometimes.

    I haven’t really thought of a real plot yet, I’m leaving it up for discussion. You can tell me if you have an idea for a plot, I love to hear what you think.
    But here's what I’ve been thinking of so far. No plot has a confirmed title yet.

    Ω How do I use an ‘Eye-pad’ again? Steve tries to adapt to his new life in the Stark Tower. Tony can’t help but be an asshole about how incredibly stupid Steve is when it comes to modern tech. It’s not that Steve hates it (he really likes it still being a youth and everything) but he just have a hard time adapting. For example because Tony always is speaking to JARVIS Steve just assumes that all electronics speaks, so he tries to ask the microwave to heat his food. He will also take on an extra job (hopefully as a gym instructor *wink* *wink*) because Tony made a joke about him owning him rent. Steve of course takes this joke seriously.

    Ω School AU, Where Steve and Tony are both students in the same college/High School (High School plot taken). Steve is a jock and Tony is the popular genius who hits on anything that walks. (This is not necessary but it would be lovely if Steve knows more about relationships than Tony because he had a girlfriend before while Tony only real relationship had been with another man who just wanted sex)

    School AU (open)


    Ω Let’s kick some Nazi ass! Tony accidentally travels back in time when he touches the time stone and meets a certain Captain. Basically Steve knew that they are a couple during the Avengers movie and Tony is just starting to learn it. (This could also be with a preserum Steve but I prefer it when Steve if a super solider)

    Ω The Iron Maniac, Tony accidentally travels to an alternative reality where Iron Man is a complete maniac. He wakes up on a battlefield where the avengers are watching him closely. The first thing he does when he sees Captain America is call out Steve’s name, open his faceplate, reveal that his secret identity as Tony Stark but to every ones biggest surprise he kisses Steve. The first thing Steve does when a super villain is kissing him is of course to punch his face. (There will be two iron men in this, but I’ll play them both if it’s okay. Oh and the Iron Man in the other world have been flirty with Captain America)

    XXX Send me a PM ;)
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  2. Still looking ~
  3. Still looking ~

    However I’ll be on a vacation for about a month. It means that I’ll be slow as molasses.
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