Searching for a specimen- I mean, Partner. Yes, that is what I meant. [Mostly Horror Rps.]

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  1. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Hello, reader of this post. My name is Jekylline Hyde. I am 10 years old, with curly brown hair and blue eyes. I have attempted to correspond with you to extend to you both an invitation and a proposal. First, the invitation. I am willing to offer you a fully furnished Victorian manor, with all the usual things those sorts of residences contain; a greenhouse, a cellar, secret staircases leading to underground labs, etc. You will be provided for and allowed full reign of the entire estate, finances included. Which brings me to the proposal. Dear reader, as stated before in this letter, I am only 10, though my mind is far beyond the capabilities of a mere child. I am scientist, an artist if you will, of the human body. I am...curious to say the least. Do not misunderstand, it is not your organs that I am after. I simply am unable to...pursue my specimens as I want to, given my physical limitations. I need a caretaker, a -pardon the phrase- babysitter. I would like it to be you, dear reader. My address will be sent in the letter, please come a soon as possible. I wish to start soon.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff] - Cordially yours, Jekylline [/BCOLOR][​IMG]

    That is the starter for a roleplay in which you play as the receiver of the letter, a down on their luck college student who really needs some money, and hey, babysitting a mad scientist child? It pays the bills. How the roleplay goes is something we'll discuss, or perhaps just wing it as we go! Her age can be changed if you'd like something romantic. Picture drawn by me.

    If you don't like this one, however, I have more. Some have similar plots, some don't.

    'Babysitter' plots
    • Why on earth did you think it was a good idea to help this girl escape from the asylum? There was no turning back now, you'd lose your nursing job, and to make matters worse, you now had a small, possible serial killer living in your apartment, grinning at you with her sharp little teeth. You can't even see her eyes, because her damn bangs are covering them! Oh, what had you been thinking? [ My character is Melanie Sauvage, a small girl who commits herself to a rundown asylum because she knows that no one will care if the other patients start 'disappearing'. You are an asylum caretaker who pities her and decides to sneak her out, not realizing what a little monster she is.]
    • You were bloodythirsty, absolutely crazed with hunger. These guards, these doctors, they were starving you, keeping you from truly gorging how you deserve! But who is this? A small girl, with a wide grin and bangs covering her eyes, coming in every so often with food. An arm here, a leg there, maybe a heart. You are grateful, and when she says she wants to leave with you, you agree. You'd follow her anywhere. [Another Melanie roleplay, Picture drawn by me.]
    • [​IMG]
    • Their grandmother is dead, and every single penny of that money is bequeathed to them. The twin sisters Charlise and Camille Charmicheal, at only age 11, are now some of the richest women in the world. But it's not the money they care about. They're all alone now, granny was gone. They only link they have left is their father, who'd 'disappeared' whilst investigating some sort of crime ring, They believe that both of these occurrences are linked and are deeper than it seems. So, they're traveling the world to solve the mystery. How are two young girls going to travel the world? Simple,you'll be there to accompany them. You are their new adopted father, at least, that's what you're paid to say. Just make sure they don't get in way over their heads, ok? [I will be playing both twins, Charlise the bratty one and the leader, and Camille younger and blind twin. You are the man they hired to act as their supervisor while they attempt to solve the mystery of their father's death.]
    Romance Plots
    • Prince Ezekiel is the prince of the Andromeda kingdom, a very large and peaceful kingdom. However, the neighboring kingdoms are getting antsy as Andromeda becomes more powerful. In order to calm the unrest, Prince Ezekiel, aged 19, is engaged to marry the prince of the nearby warrior kingdom. He is a scared and sheltered young man, and his new husband, seeing this, decides to sneak him out of the castle on their wedding night, so that they may spend their honeymoon truly enjoying life. [You are the wild prince of the warrior kingdom, who has fallen in love with Ezekiel at first sight. This roleplay is set directly after the ceremony, when the two of them are left alone. ]
    • You are a detective in the seedy part of town. Life is dull, and you feel as if there is no point in doing your job. What are you protecting? What are you living for? You don't believe you know. That is until, you found them. A living doll, with ball joints and big purple eyes and soft hair, as pure as can be. You now have someone to love, to see their usually blank eyes light up when you walk into your shabby apartment and to feel their hard fingertips brushed your cheeks as they stood on your tiptoes and pulled you down into a kiss. But someone must have made them, created them for some person. And now? They want them back. [My character is a living ball jointed doll that you rescued in an alleyway. Their name is Floella and have no memories. All they want is home, and so they stay with You, a gruff detective who's seen it all and just wants to slow down. But just as your getting ready to settle down to live a happy life with Floella, you start receiving death threats from people who supposedly created them. Picture drawn by Tearzah, be careful if you click the ink, there is gore.][​IMG]
  2. Do you have any specific requirements for a partner? Because I'd love to do one of these plots with you!

    (If you have requirements I don't meet, that's perfectly fine, though!))
  3. Not really! Which plot are you interested in?
  4. The first romance plot has a lot of places it could go, so that's the one I'm most interested in!
  5. With Prince Ezekiel? Alright, just pm me and we can start planning!
  6. I'm interested in one of those two.
  7. Perfect, PM me and we'll go from there!
  8. I would love to do the Jekylline Hyde plot with you!
  9. Great! PM me and we can begin planning!
  10. I do like the plot involving the doll. You want me to pm you?
  11. Yes, please!
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