Searching for a rp partner

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  1. I'm on the search for a roleplay partner or two for one on one rps. I'll be upfront about this: I prefer slash/yaoi but am fine with doing straight or female slash/yuri too. I've been roleplaying for almost twenty years now and have done rps from one end of the spectrum to the other. I don't have much in the way of personal preferences because everything can be fun done right and with the right partner.

    Currently, I'm really big into The Avengers and Marvel comics and that's the fandom I'd like to rp in but I won't say no to original character stuff. The last fandom I played in was Naruto based but have been branching out into OC based rps. At the moment I don't have any ideas but half the fun is coming up with ideas and bouncing them off people, fleshing the story out, right?
  2. I'd be interested. While I've never done yaoi, I'm always willing to try new things. I follow the Marvel movies (though I never got to see The Avengers -.-) enough that I could probably hash out a fandom roleplay.
    Generally I post anywhere between one and three paragraphs, but on average I just match your posts.
  3. I've done so much more slash/yaoi than straight or lesbian but I do all three. I like variety and trying new things. You should really see the Avengers. It was an amazing movie and I'm getting off topic, better stop before I keep gushing about the movie. I've only recently gotten into the comics but have been reading up on them alot to catch up on canon and back information.

    I typically write between a paragraph to three, it depends on how chatty my muse in question tends to be and how detailed I'm trying to be.
  4. I wanted to, but everything was against me. I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out on dvd though. If it had Robert Downey Jr in it, there's no need to see it first.

    Sounds like we'll make a good pair. So which comic/movie would you like to base on?
  5. Well since all the movies are set within the same world, I'd prefer to stick with the movie verse. It's where I have the most knowledge though my version of Steve seems to be more of a blend of the comics and movies.
  6. Alright, sounds good on my part. Is there any particular pairing you were looking for?
  7. The only pairing I'm truly firm on is Steve/Tony. Otherwise I'm open to trying new pairings.
  8. Steve/Tony works for me. Do you do forums or email?
  9. Mainly I rp via AIM but have done email and forum before. Which is easier for you?
  10. Probably would be easiest for me to do email, as I can always check that.
  11. I've just sent an email your way.