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  1. Hello I'm Nightsong as it says in the title I AM BORED...mostly because I got nothing to do at all since I graduated and have to wait till fall till I take 3D animation and design...anyways enough of my life even though I didn't say much I have many many things I want to rp and here they are

    Bloodborne (This one is mostly OC x OC but I have been playing this game a lot and I love this game)
    Monster Hunter (Another OC x OC but this one seems more fun to come up with a bunch more ideas)
    Touhou (This is OC x any Touhou character but I am on no ideas on how to do this one)
    Tokyo Ghoul (Just started watching this anime so Ideas are very scarce but I would like to try one)
    Deep Sea prisoner (Mostly OC x Cannon and the game are usually The Gray Garden and Wadanohara and The Deep Blue Sea)

    Witch x human
    Yandere x normal boy
    Esper x human
    Normal female x Blind boy
    Mental patient x Doctor
    I am open to suggestion for more pairings

    Also I am more able to do MxF and I mostly play as a Male
  2. Hi I'm interested in doing a roleplay with you, I actually love the pairing mental patient x doctor
    Or if you want we could come up with some more pairings and plots together
  3. I'm fine with the pairing but I would like to come up with more pairings
  4. I like Witch or Esper / Human, maybe we can come up with some other pairings together? What genres do you like?
  5. I like mostly any type of genre except scifi
  6. Oh, okay. I'm like a huge fantasy fan, so I adore stuff with demons in particular. Stuff like any supernatural creature x human is fun. Also I was considering demon x half-demon, what do you think?

    Or different genre?
  7. I'm fine with demon x half demon idea
  8. Alright. Shoot me a PM if you wanna continue planning. ^.^
  9. Mental patient x Doctor sounds interesting ~(^0^)~ is it still available? D:
  10. Yes it is still available
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.