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  1. Hello there my puppies! I'm seeing how many roleplays I can get going at once so let me start with a few rules.

    Rule 1. Do NOT! Under any circumstances, take control over my character. I highly dislike it when people take control over my character. Small things is fine, like if my character's running and turns a corner, then you say that my character runs into yours, I'm okay with that. Just don't make it suddenly snog you or attack you or something.

    Rule 2: Try to be descriptive. I like at least a paragraph or two, not something short. I try very hard to be descriptive and the only time I'm not is when I'm tired or if you sent being descriptive. Don't post like this:

    *Walks into room* hello anybody their? *starts to feel afraid when I hear a sound*

    If anybody is wondering, the wrong use of 'their' is not a mistake, it leads onto my final rule.

    Rule 3: Please check before posting, mostly check your spelling. I can handle small mistakes or missed out words because come on, we all make mistakes, but don't have like 10x typos in one paragraph.

    Okay now that that's over on with my ideas! The ones in purple are roleplays I really want to take part in!

    Angel x human
    Angel x demon

    Teenager x teenager (two people that hate each other but have to work together on a project and fall in love)

    Fallen!angel x human
    Shifter x shifter
    Shifter x human

    Bad!Boy x Good!Girl

    That's pretty much it, if you want to take part PM me, I only roleplay in PM as, for me, it's easier. I'm open to any ideas you might have as well.


    Female Slave x Male Master

    Female slave x Male Werewolf!Master

    Ghost x human

    Ghost x ghost

    Dragon shifter x Dragon hunter

    Demon x human

    Vampire x human

    Supernatural creature x Supernatural creature

    Fandoms! ((I'll have to play the oc because I can't play these characters I'm sorry!))


    Jeff the Killer x OC
    Eyeless Jack x OC
    Slenderman x OC
    Laughing Jack x OC
    Smile Dog x Wolf!Spirit!OC


    Markiplier x YouTuber!OC
    PewDiePie X YouTuber!OC
    PeanutButterGamer x Youtuber!OC
    Smosh Ian x Youtuber!OC
    Smosh Anthony x Youtuber!OC
    SkyDoesMinecraft x Youtuber!OC
    TrueMU x Youtuber!OC
    Deadlox X Youtuber!OC

    Teen Wolf!

    Stiles Stilinkski x OC
    Derek Hale x OC
    Scott Mccall x OC

    Teen Titans!

    Robin x OC
    BeastBoy x OC
    Cyborg x OC

    Super Heros!

    Thor x OC
    Captain America x OC
    Iron Man x OC
    (Andrew Garfield) Spider-Man x OC
    Batman x OC
    Nightwing x OC
    Dick Grayson!Robin x OC

    Wolf's Rain!

    Tabone x OC
    Tsume x OC
    Kiba x OC
    Hige x OC
    ((Haven't watched this anime in a looooong time so I'm kinda rusty >.<))
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  2. I'll do bad teenage girl x good teenage boy
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