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Greetings fellow Iwakugeeks! <3

I have returned from a long long LONG time of inactivity, real life can be a real slammer at times.
Either way! Now that I'm back, I'm looking for a roleplaying partner or partners, to roleplay with! :)
I don't mind doing AU versions or completely free world/own universe roleplays, just throw me a PM with what you're interested in doing!

Due to not having done much roleplaying recently either I would prefer to be the follower in a roleplay rather than the leader so if you wish to lead a roleplay, it's fine by me! I'm all up for romances in a roleplay but I don't want it to take the highlight and I prefer for the love to develop over time as the roleplay progresses, character progression is fun!
I'm not going to write that I want these and that many paragraphs because sometimes the character can be in a bind where you can't really stretch it out to much but I will however put down my foot and say no text speech in the roleplay, I have to be a little picky. ;)

Some AU versions that I have an itch for:
Lord of The Rings
Harry Potter
Game of Thrones
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Legend of the Seeker
NCIS: Naval Crime Investigation Scene
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Fairy Tail

When it comes to free world I'm up for any suggestions you might be able to come up with and I'd be more than happy to discuss world building and everything!

If I've piqued your interest, please don't hesitate to throw me a P.M!
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