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Hey there! I am Alexandra (or Alex for short) and I just joined this wonderfully designed website sometime yesterday afternoon in order to cure my crushing boredom. For this very reason, I've come in search for Roleplays! I am currently searching for Chat Roleplays, but I won't turn down invitations related to forum or private messaging Roleplays if the premise is interesting enough!

I should also note a few other details about me such as the following:
  • I am open to receiving invitations to ongoing Roleplays or ones that is still in the development stage.
  • I am also open to receiving group Roleplay invitations as well as ones from single players.
  • I have approximately 8+ years of Roleplaying experience across various different platforms.
  • I am willing to write any length in order to match my partner(s)'s.
  • My posting speed varies, but I tend to be on the "slower" side due to real life matters.
  • I like to double and/or use NPCs and so Roleplays that allow that are A++.
  • I'm open to play any gender and/or sexuality for my characters(s).
  • I am a red star that is NOT interested in any sexual content being in their Roleplays.
I think that's about it for me, but if you have any questions about me and/or my Roleplaying, please don't be shy to ask! I'll also include my Introduction post which holds some fairly useful information about me as well.

I should admit that at the moment, I don't exactly know what I am looking for, but I do have some particular interests that I will note:
  • Historical and/or western-based Roleplays (I'm always down for alternate history based Roleplays as well).
  • Crime, suspense, and/or mystery-based Roleplays are always welcomed!
  • Steampunk-based Roleplays are my love!
  • I'm not against an interesting fantasy or sci-fi based plot!
  • Apocalyptic, dystopian and post-apocalyptic Roleplays also interest me!
  • Although they tend to be rare on Roleplaying websites, a horror Roleplay would be awesome!
  • Supernatural and/or paranormal-based Roleplays are also a source of interest for me!
  • Crossover-based Roleplays can also be pretty fun as well!
I also have a few "fandom" interests though I rarely tend to Roleplay them anymore, such as:
  • RWBY
  • Pokemon
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Tales of franchise
  • Harvest Moon / Rune Factory
  • Warrior Cats
  • Supernatural
  • Fire Emblem
  • Persona
  • Lovecraft (not sure if this one counts?)

Hmm, I think that's all that will be useful for now? Hopefully? I guess that we'll see.
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Modern/realistic. Low fantasy. Low Scifi. Supernatural. Future Dystopia (not post-apoc).
Welcome to Iwaku!

Headphone Jack is a group forum-based RP about a country that has outlawed music. The RP is about the 2 gangs that bring it back in, the clefs (police) who pursue them, and the civilians caught in between. The posting speed is sort of erratic (sometimes fast, sometimes slow), but officially you only have to post once every 14 days.
There's a forced time dynamic where every 5 forum pages equates to 1 in rp day, but that is being scrapped as soon as the current rp day ends, so no need to worry about it.

It encourages multiple characters and NPC use, has a player-driven wiki to help add to the lore, and has several options for types of characters and where the plot goes. It seems to match many of your interests, so I hope it calls out to you! =]


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I am open to all types of genre's, my main ones however are Sci-fi Horror and Action. The only RP's I'd rather not due are any threads dealing with any type pf homosexual themes or manga or anime type RP's.
I've started up a RP that is still in it's beginning stages. Don't know how interested you'd be in a sword and sorcery RP in the vein of something like Conan the Barbarian or The Beast Master...but that's what this one is. I'll leave links to the Interest Check and OOC, all the info on background are in those two threads for you to take a look at. At the moment we could use some good supporting characters if your interested.

OOC & Sign-Ups

The Seven Dreaded (Interest Check)
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