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    Hello, everyone! *friendly wave* Since finals are finally over, I've found a lot of free time on my hands that should be spent doing homework. Now, I can finally spread my wings and roleplay once more! To mark this joyous occasion, I've decided to create a brand new thread instead of re-using my old one! But before we delve into that, here are some super serious rules and regulations by Rika.

    The Super Important/Serious Rules & Regulations
    • Read all of these.
    • First impressions are everything. If you send me a PM like: "i wanna rp wit u" No. No. I will just not reply to you. I will cringe. Adept writing style please.
    P&P: Personality and Passion. I don't want to roleplay with some stick in the mud! c: If you're a naturally serious person, that's just fine! Just expect me to be extra flamboyant and boisterous for the both of us, and don't get offended/freaked out. Remember, I warned you. >:3 *wallows in glitter*
    • Life events are very important, and it would pain me for you to miss out on them because you're stuck in front of a computer all day! Go out and do something! But don't commit to a roleplay with me if you know you're extra busy. I always make time for my adorable friends online, and I ask you do the same.
    • I can handle rejection! If you no longer want to roleplay with me, please tell me. I won't be mad! c: I will wish you the best, and hope you find what you're looking for in a rolemate! I may even give you an online cookie to last on your perilous journey in finding another partner.
    Character development. I cannot stress this enough. If you do not know what "character development" is, just click off. Or google it.
    • For my fandoms, I do not do Canon. Ever. I like original characters.
    • If you have read all of the super important/serious rules & regulations, mention that you have read all the super important/serious rules & regulations in your PM. Pretty please? ♥

    Okay, now that the boring stuff is read thoroughly over with, we can get on to what you came for! Fandoms, plots, and pairings, all of which are compiled in totally neat and orderly lists down below. For once. In my life. Ever.


    The Key: ♥ = I would love to do this one!
    *= I have a plot for this one!

    Keep in mind, if it doesn't have a "♥" beside it, that doesn't exactly mean I don't want to do it. It just means that, at the time of creating this thread, I'm not craving it. Don't be afraid of presenting the fandom to me. c: If it's on the list, I wouldn't mind doing it.
    Soul Eater
    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni or When They Cry
    Naruto * ♥
    Rozen Maiden ♥ *
    Fruits Basket ♥ *
    Black Butler ♥ *
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Pokemon ♥
    Elfen Lied
    Ouran High School Host Club ♥
    Zatch Bell ♥ *
    Vampire Knight *
    K-ON! * ♥

    I know this isn't a long list, with mostly girly anime, but it's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to present any anime to me, and I'll tell you if I've heard of it/would want to try it. Forgive me. ><


    Key= Refer above to the Fandoms key. c;

    Angel x Demon*
    Bully x Bullied*
    Prince x Servant
    Rich x Commoner*
    Best Friend x Best Friend♥
    Neko x Human♥*
    Prince x Prince*
    Princess x Princess
    Prince x Princess♥*
    King x Servant♥
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire♥*
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Demon x Human*
    Guardian Angel x Human*
    Pregnant Woman
    x Childhood Friend*♥
    Werewolf x Human*♥
    Boss x Employee*♥
    Yandere x Normal Person♥
    Tsundere x Normal Person♥
    Bodyguard x Boss♥*
    God x Human♥

    Demigod x Human
    Incubus x Human♥
    Sex Addict x Alcoholic*
    Schoolgirl x Rich Business Man*♥
    Famous Band Member x Fan*

    That's all I can think of. Once again, not in the best state of mind right now. Still fuzzy from finals. But I will be editing this soon enough~

    This section is under construction~!

    Key= "Character A" or "A" is your character
    "Character B" or "B" is my character!

    In case of four character plots:
    "C" is your character
    "D" is mine!

    #1: Psychological/Slice-of-Life In a rural village of Japan, five friends grew up together, but eventually moved away to go discover themselves, or create a new life as adults. Only one friend stayed behind in the village, content and happy there. One day, each friend gets a letter saying that their old friend that stayed behind has passed away from a suicide. Disturbed and haunted, each friend returns to the village, confused, and most of all, searching for answers why. (This is still a work-in-progress)

    #2: Romance/Bucket of Tears Character A finds him/herself scared to move to a new school in Japan, but when Character B comes along to show him/her around, she turns her/his world upside down with boisterous claims of Character A looking like an old friend of hers! Come to find out, A realizes B was a girl his/her brother was so intent on marrying before he died. Repressing memories and hurt from his death, B does not re-call the event ever happening until A shakes it right out of her.

    Apologies if everything is not up right away! I'm still trying to work everything out and type all of it up. c: In the meantime, I hope you are all content with the Pairings and Fandoms and PM me! Feel free to post on the thread too, but you will get a response quicker if you PM me! Thank you for taking the time to read this(if you read it), and I look forward to a bunch of fun adventures! c:

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  2. Hello! It says your inbox if full, so I thought I would reply hear. First, I have read all your rules. :) Also, I'd be very interested in the romance/bucket of tears plot if that's still open for consideration.
  3. I would gladly do a Higurashi fandom rp
  4. I would love to roleplay with you!
    I see a lot of pairings and fandoms that I would love to do with you!
    I can send you a pm asap!
  5. I'm really up the the Pokemon one if that's perfectly fine with you. I can be really random at times so if we do roleplay expect me to post out of character stuff that I find funny, like if my cat walks off my bed. (I will post this in brackets)
  6. Hi there, dear! I'd love to hear your plot for your Prince x Prince idea!
  7. Totally forgot to check this thread! All of you PM me! cx
  8. I'm interested in a lot of the pairings you've suggested! I only play male characters and can bust out around three paragraphs daily. I read all of your rules of course, so if you're looking let me know :))
  9. Werewolf X Human ALWAYS catches my eye, haha.

    Glad to see a heart and a star next to that! :P

    P.S. The rules have been read :D
  10. <3 Both of you PM me! <3
  11. I've read all your super important regulations and blah blah XD. I'm very interested in the NekoXHuman idea, PM me?
  12. I am interested in Angel x Demon, Vampire x Human, or Demigod x Human.
  13. Fruits Basket? :3
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