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Hello , my name is Xion i'm new to this site ^_^ Id figure id try to find a partner. Now this is Fandom Only!
Oc x Cannon Only! No doubling! You get one crush , i'm not doing 2 oc's and 2 crushes for both side.

Anyways my rules.

- Descriptive only! So at least one paragraph and no i'm on my phone excuse!

- Oc's , If were rping an anime or a video game you can not use real pictures! They must be anime pics , sorry that's just something that bothers me. Also don't make your oc super depressing and they can't be perfect , they have to make since for what were rping , like if were rping Naruto , your oc can't be a vampire.

- I can't believe i have to make this a rule but. You will rp your oc and my oc crush and i will rp my oc and your oc crush. Its common sine i'm sorry , so don't message me to rp something i clearly wrote out in my rules that i don't do.

-Please be polite okay! i can not tell you how many times iv snapped at people because they were being rude or were harassing me. Also i ask you do not criticize my oc's or my writing style . Now you can point things out and make suggestions but don't be an ass hole about it basically.

-Sorry no BxB or GxG (only exception is life is strange and Pretty Little Lairs , for GxG ) I'm not the best at writing it , i'm Bi so i have no problem with it , besides those 2 fandom i'm just really bad at writing it i'm sorry!

- I'm not very comfortable writing Smut! I'll try but don't demand i write it!

My Limits!
No Rape , No Abusive Relationship Of Any Kind , No Cutting Or Self Harm , No Suicide , No Kinks , No Furry , No Pedophilia

Now that's out of the way! On to My fandoms!


Angel Beats

Death Note

Naruto (Original Only)

Project K

Shugo Chara

Ouran High School Host Club

Avatar Last Airbender

Legend Of Korra


Studio Shibli

Attack On Titan

Persona 4 (Anime an Game)

Persona 3 (Movies and Games)

Code Lyoko


Total Drama


~Moves/Tv Shows~

Pretty Little Liars (Tv Show Only)

Supernatural (My oc is Dean's kid won't change that)

The Outsiders (My oc is a Pony's little sister)

That Was Than This Is Now

Orange Is The New Black

Once Upton A Time


~Video Game~

Saints Row 2 or 3

Final Fantasy Advent Children (i know its not a game)

Pokemon (Only Red and Blue and Green )


Valkria Chronicles (First game and Anime)

InFamous: Second Son

Life Is Strange

Kingdom Hearts

Feel Free to ask for a fandom if you want but don't be mad if i don't know it or don't want to rp it ^_^

I prefer you contact me over email but just send me a pm since that'll send me a notification email ^_^
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I'm willing to do
L.I.S. Or Naruto