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  1. Hello there! My name is Yanaike. Thank you for reading my roleplay request thread! I’m looking for a friend and fellow roleplayer to start an adventure without a predefined plot!

    So you might ask now: why no plots? Simple! I tend to get boring really quickly when we follow a pre-defined plot. Where is the fun in writing a story where you already know what’s going to happen? Writing out of improvisation feels much more natural then writing towards a certain goal. You should, under no circumstances, define what our characters will do in the future. We only define our characters pasts and present.

    How will this work then? Basically we’ll define the starting point: our characters, the world they live in, how/why they meet and some general themes we love. And from that moment, we’ll just go on and see what happens. During the roleplay I need you to come up with cool ideas and to surprise me. I need a partner with an immense imagination and who isn’t afraid to throw in plot-twists to keep the story fresh and interesting.

    Since we have no plots, character creation is very important. We should have interesting characters with unique traits, and preferably far from stereotypical. One important step before we start our roleplay is to find two main characters that could have some synergy together. As for me, I usually use pre-made characters. The reason for this is that I feel more compassion to them and I can write their actions and feelings a lot more convincingly. However if I feel none of my pre-made characters fits your character, I will come up with a new character or promote one of my previously used side characters to main character. As a general rule my main characters are usually female and FxM oriented. You might try to convince me to do something else though. Remember that love doesn’t necessarily have to be an option in our story and I’m perfectly fine with two non-loving main characters. As for side-characters I’m really flexible. I can play multiple side characters and they can be any gender and almost any occupation.

    As for genre/time setting, I’m open for quite a lot: romance, drama, modern, sci-fi, horror, (post)apocalyptic, fantasy (though preferably low-fantasy/urban-fantasy), however one key element that should be present in our roleplay is ‘adventure’. Adevnture is my driving force throughout a roleplay and without the necessary dose of exploration and discovery I might get bored.

    Last but not least some more general things: I’m searching for someone who is able to post at least 4-5 times a week. Posts should give me input and inspiration for my next part, length doesn’t matter, quality does. Finally, English is not my native language and I might make some grammar mistakes and/or lack the vocabulary to tell exactly what I mean. Please be respectful to that. I’m always open for any feedback to improve my last part.

    Send me a PM if you are interested in roleplaying with me!
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