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  1. ~Introduction~
    Hello, my name is William, but I prefer to be called by either Alex or Moogle. Thanks! I'm new to this community and would appreciate anyone and everyone to hit me up and starta roleplay with me. This being said, I'm not new to roleplaying in general. I'm an experienced roleplayer and have been roleplaying for around 3-4 years. Now onto the details.
    Genres I'm Currently Interested In

    Genres I Don't Normally Like
    -Horror(Depends normally)
    -Overly Gorified(Gore is okay, just nothing overly-descriptive and disgusting.)

    -You must have a good idea of your character when you go into the roleplay. If your character is constantly changing their personality without a valid reason as to why, it gets rather annoying. I understand that characters change, but entire personalities should not change in the time span of a single post.

    -I hate waiting. I understand that you have lives, but please don't have me waiting multiple days for a single response unless you notify me ahead of time, this helps keep me from feeling like I'm ignored. K thanks ^-^.

    -A decent post length is appreciated. I hate one-liners and will not tolerate them. If you're lacking inspiration and feel the need to take a break, please notify me rather than forcing yourself to do something you don't like.

    -Details are great but you don't have to be overly-descriptive. I don't need a three page description of telling me how dark a room is. I get it, it's dark. This being said, I don't like bland details either. Long story short: details in moderation please.

    -Live in a U.S. friendly timezone or be on at U.S. friendly times please! I like being able to do multiple posts a day, and having someone who lives further away from me quite hinders that. I live in the Central Standard Time Zone of GMT -6.

    With that said and done, I'm currently open to roleplay with anyone. PM me should you wish to discuss the details of our roleplay. That is all~
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  2. Ooo i'd like a Futuristic or modern roleplay with you.
  3. I'd be more than happy to oblige, feel free to message me and we can talk about it :)
  4. I would be more happy to do a Magical, or Medieval Roleplay with you :3
  5. I'd love to do one! Just shoot me a PM and we can start discussing it :D
  6. Let's get another bump ^-^ PM me guys! Still looking for roleplays :D
  7. Could I please roleplay a romance/crime rp with you o.o please
  8. Yeah, sure thing. Just shoot me a PM and we can go over the details :D
  9. PM...? o.o im sorry >.< im new here so I don't really know what that is ^^"" I roleplayed on another website so this is all sorta confusing...
  10. I would love to do a romance / supernatural role play!
    That is if you are still looking, I'd love yo role play!
  11. Yeah sure thing. Just drop me a PM and we'll talk about it ^~^
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