Searching for a partner. (:

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  1. Hi there! You can call me Vanessa if you like. If not, my username is fine. I'm new (like, twenty minutes ago new) to the site, but not to role playing. I've been doing it for about two years now on another website, but I'm tired of looking for partners there only to be disappointed. You can check out my resume to see if there's anything we have in common and get at me here. (:

    In case you're too lazy to check it, here's a summary:
    I play both male and female characters. I prefer to play those in their twenties but I'll make an exception for a couple of fandoms (ie, Harry Potter). I will not play canon characters or write smut.

  2. Any takers? I have plots in mind for non fantasy related. As in, slice of life to be specific.
  3. Well, I usually like romance in my role plays.
  4. I'm curious about this plot you have in mind :)
  5. I'm interested in hearing about some of these plots you have in mind. I don't prefer smut, and I'm down for whatever ideas you've got.
  6. I too avoid smut, but in all honesty just had to stop in because your username made me giggle. What ideas do you have?
  7. Oh my god I am an awful person! D: I didn't realize people had responded to this. :3

    I'm still looking, and I like to have romance as well. I just don't like writing out sex scenes haha. The ideas I had are being used on another site, so I don't have anything in particular at the moment other than I would prefer to not do anything with fantasy as I'm doing a few of those right now.

    If any of you are still interested you can PM me and we can talk then! I'll see what ideas I have yet on my list that I'd be willing to do. Many of the pairings I tend to do are super cheesy.
  8. My user name makes me giggle too. (: Bahahaha.