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  1. So I really don't even have an idea ... but I'd like to pick up a "casual" RP that's mostly character driven without much of a plot. My preferred settings are sci-fi or fantasy, but I could be down for something more real world-ish. I've been in this rut where I try to plan things too much and worrying about how things turn out and killing RPs, so I'm trying to kick that habit.

    Quirks about me:
    - I'm not up for romance. By this I mean, it has about a .1% chance of happening, but if I suspect it from the onset, the RP is doomed.
    - I, er, have a habit of not posting often. :\ Though generally speaking, I'd like this to be more low key and casual, so I'll probably post more often. That said, expect about 2-3 posts a week.
    - I'm only looking to pick up 1 RP at this time.

    Any RPers willing to take a chance on me? ^^
  2. Hmm, I'm not sure why I didn't see this earlier when I was looking through here.

    Anyway, I've seen it now, so 'ello, I'm Gramma. It would seem that I'm pretty much looking for the same thing as you: a nice, low key, character-driven roleplay with little stress. I'm fine with a couple posts per week, since it lets me take time to think and gather ideas. I also am not one for straight up romance. Generally, I'm a more realistic set person, but if you feel like sitting me in a fantasy or sci-fi world, I'm cool with that. Basically, I'd be happy to take a chance on you. I've had plenty of roleplays die young, and though I love them to live their full lifespan, it's stopped hurting my feelings when they just don't work.
  3. Excellent! I think this'll work well. ^^

    I'm fine doing a realistic setting so long as it's interesting. Do you have ideas beyond this you'd like to explore? A time period? Age range?

    Also, welcome to Iwaku. :)
  4. if you're still looking for an rper send me a pm XD I work nights so I dont get to post often but when I do I make it count I also would like to try a scifi with you I dont do many of those =3