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  1. Hello Iwaku, allow me to explain what I'm looking for. I'm looking for individuals interested in the virtual reality of Sword Art Online, and the fortunes(and misfortunes) of adventure in a fantasy world! I'm completely open to talking to multiple people, though I'll likely only go with one or two roleplay partners for now. The details of the roleplay(s) can be discussed below, though none of them will involve SAO, ALO, or GGO. With that being said, feel free to reply if interested.
  2. me!! ermagurd I looove Sao!
  3. Hello there! *offers a cup of tea* You do, do you? Well what kind of adventure shall we spark up for you? What's your tastes in an adventure roleplay?
  4. heehee *takes the tea* thank you~!
    my tastes in Adventure roleplay? well, that has to be action, maybe some Romance, ah... and some drama.
  5. Okay, we can do that! I think that's exactly what I've been looking for in a roleplay. So, with that out of the way, what type of VRMMO are our lovely characters set in? I love anything with swords and the days of castle and knights, but I'm up for whatever. ^-^
  6. honestly, Im bad at choosing. so if you had anything, I'll be up for it~!
  7. Yo I love me some sword fighting action. Though I have a pretty interesting idea in mind, pm me if you're interested =).
  8. @AshenAngel, okay then, we'll go with swords and magic. The system that the game uses has an exp leveling system for characters and weapons, and like Destiny, uses a different form of "xp" for armors. Each material type comes from different enemy types. Likewise, each armor set has different materials. There's two ways we can go from here. We can take a more general approach, focusing on all aspects, or if you want an approach with a bit more romance from time to time, we can take it to PMs. And sorry I've not been on.

    @Tone 6th, I'd love to hear what you have in mind. I fyou wouldn't mind though, I'd like to compile all the thoughts here, so as not to have a million PM messages to sift through.
  9. i'd like the warm approch, with the Romance. ^-^
  10. Hmmm how to adapt this idea to your style of rping. Okay I have a character in mind that I would like to use a cowboy who wields both a revolver and a katana, but at some point he gets flung into the future. When I say future I mean like futuristic weapons ( beam swords, lazer guns, ect.) However he wants to keep his current load out because he's old fashion like that.

    So that's my idea and I'm not exactly sure how I can adapt it to what you have in mind.
  11. @AshenAngel, warm it is! With that out of the way, I reallt don't have much else we really need, unless you have something in mind events and story-wise. We can think up names for the VR game, and what to call the rp, as well as our characters, which I'll likely use a sheet from another rp I was involved in for a vrmmo rp.

    @Tone 6th, I'm not entirely sure where you're going with being flung into the future.. do you mean ina game, or real life? The idea sounds pretty SAO meets GGO, which is actually interesting in it's own right.
  12. Then let's play it like this, my character's data is somehow transferred from one game to the other. He doesn't know how or why this happened. Let's say he was transferred from something like GGO to something more like SAO, would that work?
  13. @Tone 6th, that would work. That would mean, however, that there was a bigger picture to the reasoning behind the transfers. Which would also give us a bit of a head start on ideas in the future. The character begins to make friends, and as it happens, key friends begin transferring as well. The abilities of each mirror and pair with each other well, presumably for some higher plan. Obviously something or someone needs stopping, or maybe the person behind the transfers is the real villain, setting something quite sinister up for their big 'finale'. just some extra ideas I thought I'd throw in.
  14. Yeah sounds good man. I'm falling asleep at my bomp so I will talk to you more about it tomorrow =)
  15. Sounds great! Talk to you then! Also, I'm female, love. ^-^
  16. Whoops sorry about. I blame my exhaustion for calling you a guy ^^''. So I have a question about the timeline of the RP. It would obviously have to be after the plant the world seed right? Forgive as it has been awhile sense I have seen SAO, but that's what it's called right?

    The other question I have is would you be playing an SAO build, as opposed to my GGO build?

    Then I had a thought for our villain: what if it was either the work if a virus or a rouge AI?

    Finally I have a few questions about you're RPing style. I'm super into world build right down to the last detail. I like taking time to craft out my characters, and really give them unique personalities. I'm not one to just blindly rush through an RP and make creative desisions that don't make sense. So I guess my question is, do you share the same creative views I do?
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  17. @Tone 6th, I like it all, and yes, the World Seed is correct as well as us being past that point in the timeline. While I do share your ideals, I'm simply not as creative when it comes to the needle thin details of world building. I love to give my characters as much information and background as I possibly can while not revealing the best parts, but as far as beyond that, I'm not very good at creating a whole unique city/country/etc., and I tend to make up what I cannot think to add early, later on in the story, simply for the fact that most of the towns or areas won't really be used more than once or twice. I don't like to rush in, but when any and all involved cannot think of anything more to add, I usually get started into the rp.

    To answer your other question, my character will be a battlemage, focusing heavily on melee weapons and a variety of spells. So I'd say correct. I'll be using a more SAO aligned character. I like the rogue AI idea, but I'll let you work the fine details of that.

    @AshenAngel, if you're still interested, there's still some things we've yet to decide on. If all the other details are satisfactory for you, we still have to decide on a VRMMO name, as well as a name that suits the rp and mmo, as I like to have a title that is meaningful to the rp. We also have characters, and I would like to more or less define the type of VR world we'd be set in.
  18. Alright so how would someone from GGO be able to fend off magic attacks? I mean they might put me at a rather big disadvantage. Other then that I think we need to come up with characters at this point so find you don't mind I would a character sheet =D. I think we're going to work well together.
  19. @Tone 6th, you said your character will likely work with guns and swords, didn't you? If our roleplay ends up being anything like the anime, most weapons, especially melee weapons, can fend off magic and ranged weapon attacks. Of course, if your sidearm isn't merely a simple gun, and was imbued in some way with a magic ability or ammo type, you could simply shoot at the incoming spell to render it useless, as it wouldn't make it to it's intended target. ^-^
  20. I see, well thank you for the brush up ^-^. Again it's been a long time sense I've seen the anime. So where do you want to go from here?
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