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  1. Hello, so first off some stuff about me is that I'm female ((but play both genders)) I can post 2-5 maybe more paragraphs, I always try to be detailed but my writing gets sloppy when I'm tired. Also, if I take part in a fandom roleplay then I cannot play the fandom character ((eg. Jeff the killer, Markiplier)) mainly because I would completely change their personality. To prove to me that you've read this can you post the word 'milkshake' when you make a request?

    Things in bold are the part I want to play


    Zoo worker x animal poacher

    FBI agent x killer

    Student x teacher

    FBI agent x anti-hero

    That's it for pairs, I do have some plots for a roleplay.


    Muse A is something called a 'Special' a special is a creature that stops people from dying when they aren't meant to. Human's are clueless and often get there self in stick situations where they will die, a Special's job is step in and help them. Special's can run faster and see further them humans, then can heal any injury or wound and are immortal, the only thing they can't cure is death. Muse A finds there new charge ((a charge is the name for the person they have to save)) who us Muse B. But what debts Muse B away from their past charges is that Muse B constantly gets in life thee ring danger, and even after Muse A has removed themselves from their charges memory Muse B always remembers. They dints remember the incident if their almost death, but they do remember Muse A. Let's see what happens when you throw drama, romance and the Grim fucking Reaper into the mix.

    ((Too tired to continue writing, sorry.))
  2. Hello, I would be interested in the FBI x killer one, that is all Milkshake