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  1. I have a couple of RP's going at the moment, but if I can find the right person, I think I can squeeze this in. I have seen several WWE based RP's, so that gave me some hope. I have been wanting to do one based on a plot with The Undertaker and my OC.

    My character will come in and the writers think it would be good for ratings for The Undertaker to have a female ally. That is where my character comes in, however, it is a very rough start. Taker does not appreciate her sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. He is perfectly capable of handling his own dirty work. But when he sees her persistence and how stubborn she is, he let's her in.

    Off screen, my character has is attracted to Taker. He has been divorced for only a short time. Can she catch his attention?

    I want them to slowly develop a relationship outside of the network. My character, Emilia (Raven), is a Switch which Mark (The Undertaker) is not used to. He has always had a submissive women. But Emilia proves to be just what he has been looking for to relieve him of his sexual frustration and just the right amount of fire he wants to see in the ring.

    I just want to say that I haven't watched any of the shows since The Undertaker was having a rivalry with La Familia, back when Edge was with Vickie Guerrero. I will need some refreshers, or I would like to keep it in that setting.

    I prefer to keep my RP's to the forums, rarely will I accept a PM RP for the purposes of organization. I don't have any rules. All I expect is that I can read your posts.

    Take a look at my RP resume for my RPing habits.

    Post here or PM me if anyone is interested!

    Here is a fanfic I started roughly 5 years ago to give you an idea of where I want to start. It isn't the best, but my writing style has changed a bit since then.

    Update: I am currently watching the recents episodes of Raw and Smackdown! so I can catch up.
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