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  1. Hello, friends!
    My name is Cassie!
    Hello, guys and girls of Iwaku, and welcome to my partner search! This is where I shall add plots and other types of pairings that were not in my Fandom request thread. This one >

    Let's get down to business with some rules:
    -If you don't want romance, tell me!
    -If you don't want gore, tell me!
    -If anything's a touchy subject for you, we don't have to do it, just tell me!
    -If you've got any other questions, just ask.
    -At least one post every other day!
    -Minimum one paragraph per post!
    -Basic knowledge of the English language, and correct grammar is required. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be legible.
    -I am only a teen, so I will not do libertine with young adults, or adults.
    -Attempt to get along with me! I love getting to know other people, and I hope to know you through the rp!!
    -I play both genders, so which ever you prefer!
    -I also do both FxF and MxM, along with MxF!
    -Message me or reply here if interested!

    And a bit about me:
    Name: Cassie Crossing
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Female
    Reply Time: Pretty fast, but I still have school, and plan on getting eight hours of sleep per night.
    Time Zone: EST

    How about some plots:
    Silently Speaking (open)

    *My own version of Koe No Katachi manga. You don't have to know a thing about it to succeed in rping with me*
    Character 1 was born completely deaf. They wouldn't hear if a bus was honking its horn right behind them in the center of the road; they wouldn't hear if you yelled in their ear. Lacking the ability to hear their voice, they never spoke aloud, causing them to have to either write everything they're saying down, or have to sign out every single word. The latter would've been so much simpler, if only all the kids their age could sign themselves.

    When Character 1's mother got a promotion, they were forced to move to a new city, one without the handicap schools in the area. So they had to go to a public school without any sign-language-knowing kids in the same class or school. Mind you, they were only in the fifth grade at this time. They sat right next to Character 2, the one forced to help them with any extra needs, such as taking extra notes on what the teacher was saying.

    It was fine for the first few weeks, but then Character 2 became bored having to do mostly everything for them. They began to bully Character 1, so much to the point of writing swear words on their desk. Keep in mind they are only in fifth grade. Each day, Character 1 took the fall for all of the things written on their desk and had to stay after class to wash it off, even though Character 2 was the one doing it. No one saw them writing it, so everyone just assumed Character 1 was doing it to be funny. But when things in their bag start to go missing, it is revealed that they were not the one writing the words on the desk, and Character 2 was discovered doing the terrible thing to her. They were suspended for a week for doing those things.

    When Character 2 returned, Character 1 had to change seats. That caused other kids to bully her because they eventually got bored of them too. And it only got worse after that. Character 2 was the first one to go too far; they did that by taking Character 1's hearing aid right out of their ear. They threw them into a nearby lake at recess, and Character 1 was unable to retrieve them.

    The bullying went on all throughout the year until the month of April, to be exact. That's when Character 1's mother had to demote herself and Character 1 had to move to a new town and go back to her old handicap school. Character 2 was the one blamed for everything that happened to Character 1, including them having to transfer out of the school. Character 2 began to get bullied all throughout his junior high years and his high school year, until he had reached his Junior year in high school, when Character 1 came back to the school, a beautiful girl who could sign perfectly, and had perfect hand writing. How will the two react to one another? Is love a possibility?

    A Date To Remember (open)
    Character 1 is lacking in friends. When they learn that there will be a game of truth or dare among a small group of friends, they are ecstatic to be invited to join. Character 2 has always had a crush on Character 1 from a far, but they were not invited to join the game.

    Character 3, being such a mischievous person, decided to dare Character 1 to go on one date with Character 2. Character 1 has always held a grudge against Character 2, for some reason unknown to Character 2. So this might have been the worst possible dare imaginable. But when the date goes extremely well, will Character 1 finally forget what's been bothering them for years?

    I'll add more as I get inspired.​
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  2. Hello~!

    So, I'm quite interested in Silently Speaking, BUT, I was just wondering if you would consider changing it up a bit. (Since I see you're a fan of horror and gore...)

    Instead of having Character 2 and 1 meet up again at school, how about we have them meet up in some sort of horrible situation? For example: maybe they're both kidnapped and force to survive together. (If you're willing on doubling up in characters, we can even do a sort of they-try-to-kill-each-other-to-escape sort of roleplay). Or maybe, they became slaves to a sadistic cruel person that would dish out a ton of beating (maybe more to Character 1 than to Character 2, so their roles reversed compared to their past).

    Or, to go a different way, if they meet up at school, perhaps there's some sort of mystery at school they have to deal with. (A serial killer? School suddenly becomes a paranormal place where they can't escape. The possibilities are endless! Ah!)

    :D So yeah, just throwing out some ideas. If you're interested, shoot me a PM!

    PS I do love the idea of Silently Speaking regardless.
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