Searching for a partner for a Tolkein RP

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Hello everyone!
I hope this message finds you well.

I have a story plot that I have been craving to play out for quite a long time. It's a bittersweet love story that would have romance, stress, war, desire, love, passion, and loss combined into one story.

The story is the history of King Thranduil and his beloved wife. I want the story to start from their first meeting (either as children or teenagers) and continue on as their relationship grows and develops from friendship to love. It would go through their time as friends and then into the part where their romance starts. It would cover disagreements between them, the love they have for each other, Thranduil's journey to battle(s), their marriage, the birth of their son, and her passing.

I am hoping to play the Queen in this story.

Before anyone messages me, I want to list out a few requests and things about me.
1. Please be literate and know how to use punctuation.
2. My life can go from crazy busy to slow in just a days time. I promise to post a few times a week but if things get crazy, I can only promise once a week.
3. Help me drive the story. Be active in making the plot with me. If you're passive, I lose interest.
4. If you lose interest, please tell me. I will not be mad. I don't want to force anyone to be involved if they don't like it anymore.

If you have any questions, just ask and I will answer.
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