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  1. Heyo!! I'm Cece! So here are a few plots im interested in! I play both female and male characters, though i prefer MxM, im open to anything. I prefer to have romance in all my roleplays because that is just what catches my interested and keeps me interested but if you'd rather not have that then we can, of course, talk about it! Most of my characters are made up on the fly and really never follow a specific script because i like to just channel who i think they are and what they would do in that moment. Though they are always a bit quirky! Like me!! <3 im totally down for OOC talk! I try and be real descriptive with my replies, but that doesn always mean rediculously long replies. I try and draw attention to the details you dont notice about a certain situation, or say or do something we normally wouldnt in real life, because that what RP is about for me, the escape into a world where i can be anyone and do anything. This is my fantasy world. Come join me!
    ~ Character X is colorblind and totally blind in one eye from an accident. X is a musician.
    Character Y is deaf in one ear and can hear through the other with a hearing aid. Y is an artist who uses all types of mediums for art.
    Y rents out a room in his house for extra cash and X ends up renting it.
    X thinks art is pointless because to him its just lines and shapes because he cant put together any form or see the color scheme.
    Y thinks music is boring because he cant hear certain levels of sound so he misses parts of the music.

    ~ Character Y is cursed to live as a servant during the night to their master.
    Character X is Y's Master.
    Character Y is human during the day, free of the curse and of X. Y works as a (job position that protects people) and dedicates their human life to protecting others. During the night Y is transformed into X's servant, restrained from escape by invisible restraints on their mind to X's home.
    Character X is unaware that Y is anything but a regular servant at their estate.
    In X's family they are cursed to draw in all the nightmares of their village, keeping the life sucking creatures who pose as nightmares away from the people. When X was born it became their duty to do that, And when X was born it became Y's duty to protect him while he slept, when it is the time to absorb the creatures of the night.
    Usually if X were to sleep and suck in all the creatures he would be plagued with unwakable night terrors, but because of Y when the creatures enter X, he sleeps dreamless.

    ~ Character X and Y live on two different worlds. These worlds are placed next to each other. There is one place they almost touch, in the towns of X and Y.
    This is the only place where the gravity is so light that you can travel between worlds without a ship, but can stay grounded to the planet their standing on.
    X and Y have been meeting in that place since they were kids, and fell in love during their lives.
    X wants to go to Y's world because it has magic and mystical creatures.
    Y wants to go to X;s world because their is technology and developed societies.
    but neither wants to live without the other, and neither has the courage to leave their world and their life behind without the help of the other.

    ~In this Rp there is a werewolf character and a human character.
    The werewolf is only a wolf until they turn a certain age and then they change to thei r human form and have a pull into the human world. The pull is to their mate.
    The human and werewolf are bonded.
    When the wolf marks the human they turn into a werewolf too and can switch between a wolf and a human form.
    The original werewolf wants to live with their pack with their mate as wolves, but the newer werewolf has a human life that they just cant drop and forget about. They have to teach the original werewolf social skills that they didnt learn as a wolf, how to live a human life, and teach them that there is more to life then just a mate and the pack. The original werewolf has to teach the second werewolf how to be a wolf, depend on a mate, and lead a pack.

    Undeveloped Ideas:
    ~ I really wanna do a Roleplay with a character whos completley bonkers in a sinister way, and maybe even a serial killer. Your character can be a lil off their rocker too, or have them be sucked into the crazy grasp of my character, when they were enjoying a perfectly normal life before hand! up to you!!

    Fandoms: {Im not into many}

    Fairy Tale:

    Lunar chronicles:

    {PS school ends in 3 weeks and after that i will be rarley online because of summer school and boot camp}
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  2. I like plot 7, the god of knowledge taking an apprentice.
    Since we're in different age groups, I'd prefer a non-romantic plot.
  3. no problem!! i dont really like to do dull length OC profiles for myself juust because my characters can have like weird complexities and i never follow the script lol i kinda just do what i feel like atm. but if you pm your profile i can give you a basic profile for me
  4. Looking again!! going to update right now!
  5. still looking!! feel free to message me with your own ideas aswell!
  6. Still looking!
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