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Original poster
Hello! Name’s Nico (obviously) and I have an idea that I’d like to try. Before I get to that, I believe there’s some formalities to get out of the way!

When it comes to length, I am an adaptable person! I’d like to try to match what I’m given so my partner feels like their efforts are appreciated. And I understand that writer’s block gets the best of us, but I will always try to provide enough in response so you won’t be subject to a one or two liner. That being said, I would like for the same to be returned—enough of a response for me to work off on. I’m not a stickler for grammar and punctuation, but I’d prefer there not to be too many mistakes.

In terms of posting/responding, I am currently on summer break and can respond quite a bit! Safe to say multiple posts a day. Now, don’t let that intimidate you! I don’t expect, nor desire the same speed of posting. You can take your time! If things come up, don’t be hesitant to let me know. I’ll do the same with you!

Which brings us to an important topic: communication. I love to talk OOC in a general sense, so don’t be afraid to ever strike up a convo! We don’t have to stick to story planning or even just talk about our characters. But I am always up for that as well! If an idea ever comes to mind and you’d like to discuss it, I’m all ears. But I don’t mind a surprise here and there, too ;3

tl;dr — I’m a friendly individual who doesn’t mind working things out! I want this to be fun and comfortable for the both of us!

As for preferences, I’ll only list the basics. Genres and such will be added later on. I don’t mind playing either male or female characters. When it comes to relationships, same-sex or opposite-sex are both alright with me! If we want to add more characters, we can. I also don’t mind leading the story if need be, or letting my partner take the reins if they have some tricks up their sleeve.

That being said, onto the idea! Even though I have one, sort of developed idea at the moment, I am open to other plots that you might want to do. I will also try to update this when new things strike me.

[Based off the series The Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir]

Character A is both a superhero and a high school student trying to graduate. They somehow manage to balance both lives with only a few slip ups, but they never know when one slip up may be the end of their secret career. Character B is the best friend they happened to have a crush on, but everyone else except B seems privy. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, A keeps silent. Things take a turn for the brighter side when A realizes how much B loves their superhero persona. They’re ecstatic and use every opportunity to interact with B as a superhero. But there’s only so many times A can disappear for their alter ego before B starts to investigate. A doesn’t want B to stop liking them after finding out, cue many, many lies.
  • Best Friend/Best Friend
  • Best Friend/Best Friend’s Sibling
  • Popular/Outcast
  • Popular/Popular
  • Celebrity/Fan
  • Teacher/Student
  • Friend/Friend’s Parent
  • Shifter/Human
  • Vampire/Human
  • Werewolf/Human
  • Kemonomimi/Human
  • Vampire/Werewolf
  • Patient/Doctor (or Nurse)
  • Spoiled/Humble
  • Rich/Poor
  • Single Parent/Daycare Worker (or Teacher)
  • Florist/Tattoo Artist
  • Assassin/Target
  • Assassin/Assassin
Cliché Tropes/Genres
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Secret Relationship
  • Rivals/Enemies to Lovers
  • Childhood Friends
  • Opposites Attracting
  • Fake Dating
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Original poster
UPDATE: added on pairings and more simple plots that can be built upon.

I don’t mind melding pairings together or doing a specific pairing with a specific cliché trope!

Khaleesi Sunshine

Original poster
I'd be more than happy to write something with you based around the Rivals turned Lovers.
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