Searching for a male role playing partner for a pokemon roleplay!

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  1. Hey, so I have this idea for a pokemon roleplay, it's set in the X and Y generation and we'll be playing as pokemon. I need my partner to play a small pokemon (E.g. Eevee) as this is a romance roleplay and my character is a Fennekin.


    Humans have been banished from the Kalos region after the attempts of Team Flare, the region was deemed too dangerous with Yveltal around. Pokemon run free and several pokemon have large packs.

    Yumi is a female Fennekin, she's a rare case with pokemon as she can't evolve, the pack she had been traveling with kicked her out when they found out about this, so now she travels alone. You can tell Yumi apart from other Fennekin's because she always wears a blue scarf and her eyes are (oddly) a light shade of green.

    The legendary pokemon Yveltal is preparing an army of pokemon to take over Kalos then the rest of the world, so it's up to the pokemon of Kalos to fight back. In this mess of violence Yumi meets (Muse B) and the two travel together. Will romance make its way through the violence?
  2. i love the sound of this! :D
  3. still looking for an rp partner?
  4. Yeah
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