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  1. After rereading one of my favorite book series, I am kind of in the mood to do an rp based off of it. However, I am looking for very specific things!

    -At least 3 paragraphs. Sorry, this is a complex story, and if it's going to go anywhere even three paragraphs isn't enough. More is always welcome, but three is my absolute minimum.
    -The ability to play multiple characters. Like I said, this is a complex story, and there will be quite a few characters needed to pull it off.
    -If you get bored or lose interest, let me know!
    -Help move the story along. Please don't let me do all the work.
    -I would prefer that my partner be 18+
    -This will be high fantasy and include magic, as well as several different types of races. The main characters will be elves.

    I'm looking for someone to play the male guardian for my female elven princess. However, this isn't a clear cut story about a princess and her guardian, there are plenty of twists and turns that will be thrown into the story; political conflicts, war, and things of that nature.

    My Character (open)
    Jocelyn Turner (open)

    Elven Form (open)

    Plot: The daughter of a political marriage, Jocelyn is the only child of the queen of Windmorrow and the King of Emberzen. The marriage was doomed to fail from the start, the king cruel and bent on world domination, and the queen simply living to keep her people hidden away from the human world. When their child was born, the queen decided that the only way to protect her daughter from being used as a pawn to gain access to her kingdom's resources was to hide the infant away in the only place her father would not think to look for her; the human world. Disguising the baby with an enchantment that kept her powers and true form hidden away until her eighteenth birthday, the queen switched her infant daughter with a human baby, taking the baby back home with her while her daughter was raised by a human family. She grew up unaware of who or what she was for the past seventeen years, but her eighteenth birthday is quickly approaching, and the enchantment is beginning to lose it's power. Knowing that her daughter would be vulnerable after her eighteenth birthday, the queen sends one of her most powerful guardians to the human world to gain her daughter's trust and bring her back to Windmorrow.

    This is the start of the story. The guardian is disguised as a human as well, and sent off into the human world to retrieve the princess, and explain her identity, while also teaching her about her powers which are beginning to awaken. He is not only her protector, but her teacher, and guardian. He is by her side day and night, keeping her from unwanted company, teaching her the ins and outs of noble life, and protecting her from those within the kingdom that wish her harm, along with her father's men who attempt to kidnap her to return her to her father's kingdom. Along the way the two fall for each other. However, because of his position as Guardian, a relationship between the two is forbidden. Will he give everything up to be with her, and still be able to protect her from those who wish to do her harm? Or will she take it upon herself to try and end the discrimination within her kingdom so that they can be together?

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  2. If this is still up for grabs, I'd like to apply.
  3. Yes, it is.
  4. I'll get to work on a character ASAP.
  5. Hayden Rashaud

    True Elven Form
    Plot: Hayden remembers Jocelyn from his years as an adolescent. He remembered seeing her as a new born almost as if it were yesterday. He's been alive for near centuries before then, and now he is assigned the mission of finding her and bringing her back ready to commit to the world she hails from. He will teach her how to walk, talk, and properly control her elven abilities.

    Hayden was raised on a farm in Windmorrow as the son of a Knight-Paladin father and a Mage mother. Both unique in their profession and the best through out their mysterious world. When they both fell in battle, he was taken in by his uncle, Argus Rashaud, and continued to train and nurture under his wing. For years he fought and proved himself a worthy mn, and a worthy Knight. His character was a strong as the valkarie steel his armor and blade were made of. His were skills as sharp as a dragon's talons, and his compassion for his companions was mighty. Magic came naturally to his abilities thank to his mother specializing in it. Her gift would be passed on and mastered in her child. He eventually grew so far in strength, the queen herself took him on as her personal guard. Hayden's position was officially sealed as her greatest guardian on the day Windmorrow was invaded by an outside force of unknown origin.

    The castle's walls were breached in all directions, and the guards were all dead or captured. Hayden alone was able to stand his ground against the oncoming horde, and keep the queen unharmed. The kingdoms walls were painted in blood as he fought his way through the enemy and resecued the remaing guardsmen who drove the attackers out. The fight was long, hard, and gruesome, but it was over by nightfall. Hayden was a hero of the people, and a hero of Windmorrow.
  6. Yikes! Sorry, didn't get a notification for your message!

    Looks good. How would you like to start out, would you prefer that he already be established in the human world and trying to gain Jocelyn's trust, or would you like to go the long route of him receiving his mission from the queen?
  7. We'll start out with him already knowing her. I've got a few NPCs I can use that way.
  8. Alright, I probably should have asked what role you wanted him to play in the human world as well. He could be enrolled in her school, a friend of her brothers, or however else you want to play it.
  9. Ha, school. Hands down enrolled in school.
  10. Okay, I'll have him already established as a student for a few months, if that's alright with you. I'll start working on my first post now. :)
  11. Onward!!! *Dives into posting*
  12. And it looks like I'm looking again. X_X
  13. I'm interested! I may need a bit of time to develop a character, though. Perhaps by this evening, I could have something submitted to you if you'd like.
  14. Um, someone bumped this up before (It wasn't me. =/) I'm not currently looking for a partner for this, but when I do open it back up, I already promised the spot to someone else. >_< Sorry. :(
  15. Oh, alright :) No worries :3
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