Searching for a long term libertine rp Partner.

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  1. Hey there so Im in search of someone who would be interested in roleplaying with me and who feels comftorble having Libertine roleplays and some crazy sexual themes.

    Although thats not saying im only looking for someone who is interested in frisky buisness. I want really intense plots and plot twist. I like doing MxM but i will also do MxF. I have lots of good ideas such as:
    -hunter and monster
    -kidnapping and slaver
    -prisoner and warden
    -and many other fun romantic and sometimes kinky roleplays. Just comment down belong if your interested!
  2. I'm interested :3
  3. Awesome! So what are your preferances and uhh limitations? What are you not comftorble with rping?
  4. i will PM you alright? :3
  5. Shouldn't this go in the libertine role-play partner request forum?
  6. I didnt know there was one. My bad
  7. In the hunter x monster rp, what did you have in mind as a monster?
  8. Well anything from supernatural demons to trolls or tentacle beings
  9. Thank you, I'm interested, pm me
  10. would love to get some new rps going my rp skills are flowing so im wanting to do some so message me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.