searching for a few partners (mxf or mxm)

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  1. Well if you're reading this now, then welcome. Glad you were brave enough to check this out.

    So I've been searching for a few new rp partners lately and I have a few plots I'd like to do, so here I am, posting this thread and crossing my fingers that at least one person will be interested in one of these plots or pairings.

    * First of all, i am in school and christmas break just finished for me and tomorrow I go back to school. I also have work ontop of that so my replies won't be a lot every day. There might be a day every now and then that I can't respond but I can normally get in at least one or two responses a day, usually more.

    * I'm a girl so I prefer to have my main character a female but I do mxm pairings as well.. I don't mind writing as a male but prefer to do them as side characters. I have thought about expanding my writing skills and have my main character a male but I'm not sure yet. Either way, if someone asks for this, be prepared to be very patient with me since I'm not used to it and replies might take a bit longer.

    * Response length depends on how long my partner writes and what's going on during the rp. If characters are talking, the responses will be a bit shorter to allow the characters time to interact and respond to what the other says. However, if they're not talking, responses will be longer. Normally, my responses range from 1 paragraph to about 4. I tend to match my partners length though.

    * I don't have many limits and I"m fine with smut in the story. No heavy bdsm though or a lot of gore.

    * respond once a day or every other day. I understand we all have lives so I don't mind if you go a bit longer without responding but if you're going to be gone for a week or longer, please let me know.

    * Also, if you're getting tired of the rp, let me know. Don't just disappear on me.

    * have decent grammar and punctuation. Do NOT write one liners. Those bug me a lot and I can't stay interested in the rp.

    Now onto the fun part :) If you're still with me awesome!^^

    royal x royal
    royal x servant
    pirate x stowaway
    kidnapper x kidnapped
    anthro x anthro
    furry x human
    werecreature x human
    human x human
    cop x criminal
    mythical creature x mythical creature
    rancher x ranch hand
    bad boy x nerd
    famous person x fan/old friend

    *Will put them up later*
  2. I'd be interested in an rp with you. :) If you don't mind my short replies and inexperienced rping.
  3. I be interested
  4. How short are your replies?
  5. I don't know... a line or two? maybe three?
  6. Don't worry, I won't do stuff like:

    Eren wlked up 2 the skool. he saw his frend and smiled.
  7. Okay. I'm sorry but I can't rp with you then. I loose interest quite quickly with responses that are that short.
    I just don't think it'd be unfair to you to start an rp only for me not to be able to continue it in a few minutes or day.
    Hope you have better luck finding a partner though :)
  8. Ok... GOODNESS! It's hard to find a partner that's willing to help me learn to rp! I can't get better if I can't practice. :(
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