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  1. All I'm looking for is some original characters, with original ideas that are willing to help keep the story line moving.
    I love a good romance, and supernatural story. My character that I will always use, Kiyomi, is a vampire, yet a sweet one that lives in the modern world.

    If you ask nicely, I could bring out Alexis, who is a shapeshifter with a nasty attitude.

    Like I said though, I want someone who is willing to contribute to the story and willing to take risks, twists and turns and have fun with it!
    I would also like someone who can reply with more than a few sentences. A paragraph of good detail would be nice, and more if you can!

    If you're interested, just message me and let me know!
  2. Hello! Just recently joined the site (okay, I admit, joined today) but I'm not new to role play and I'd be happy to be your partner. I love a good supernatural RP with some romance, and there's a character on my mind that I've been itching to use for some time though integration with the modern world prove a bit of a challenge, depending on that world's mindset towards the supernatural. If there's a particular plot or idea you've got in mind, I'd love to hear. Perhaps I can help expand on it.
  3. I didn't expect a reply so soon! Thank you so much, you sound wonderful.
    And no, I really don't have a particular plot in mind. Normally I just write whatever comes to me, but if
    you'd rather discuss something before we get things moving, I could think up some ideas.
    Of course if you have any of your own, don't be afraid to tell me!
  4. Aw, I'm glad you think so highly of me! Sad to say I don't really have a particular plot in mind either, but, perhaps we could do a bit of world building? That tends to help a bit. I think my biggest question is what is society's... feelings, for lack of a better word, towards the supernatural? Are they shunned? Second class citizens? Captured and sold into slavery? Based off your answer to that, I think it'll be relatively easier to think up a little plot.
  5. Society knows little to nothing about the supernatural. Although they do believe that its there. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters...they all keep to themselves. Vampire and Werewolf hunters lurk around every so often, but thats about it.
    My Character, Kiyomi, has lived for centuries, and as they passed, people have shunned the idea of the supernatural more and more. So she stays as "human" as possible.
    Although, sometimes its hard to control that side of her.
  6. I hope you don't mind, but my character somewhat goes past the range of supernatural that you've described. My character, Xavier, is a demon who- expanding off your idea a bit- has had some bad run ins with hunters and the like. There's not much his particular species is good for (foul temper, bad attitude, lack of 'redeeming' qualities... he's more trouble than what he's worth) and he doesn't do so well a job assimilating into human culture. Enter Kiyomi, who has the joy of running into him at a rather inopportune time. Romance and chaos ensues. What do you think?
  7. That actually sounds like a lot of fun....~ They could give to each other, what the other lacks. Great and amazing and I think I love you. hahaha! Just kidding, but I actually can't wait to get this started. So....
    Want to roleplay in a thread, or through inbox? Either is fine with me.
  8. I'm glad! I think this will be fun too. Seeing as how I'm really new to the site, I think I'd prefer to roleplay through inbox. Not really a privacy issue, as much as it is me wanting to get more accustomed with that particular feature of the site. My only question now is, would you like to start us off? I can, if you aren't up for it, or don't know where to begin.
  9. I'll start it off. Although, does setting matter at all?
    Sometimes I play Kiyomi as a school girl, and think it'd be hilarious to have your character come in as a "transfer" And have all sorts of problems with the human world, especially with being in school.
    The whole thing doesn't have to take place there, because Kiyomi also has a job as a bartender, and she likes to wander the graveyards...
    So really, setting isn't a big deal, I'd just like your opinon! ^_^
    Don't want to put you in a place you're not comfortable with.
  10. I quite enjoy that idea a lot. In past rps with X -his original name- poor thing was illiterate. I think I'd like to keep that. Adds another level of fucked up humor to the story, which you'll probably find I'm a big fan of. So yeah, let's start there! It'll be fun!
  11. This still open? Alexis is such a kinky name.
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