Searching for a female Thalmor justiciar for elder scrolls RP

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As the title states I'm looking for someone willing to play a thalmor justiciar to play along with my Snow elf mage. Now I have a story thought out, but as I found a pre-written story never works out so I'll simply state the start and if you want I can send you the full outline in PM.

okay so, my idea is that I'll play a snow elf holed up in Bthar-zel, which is a lost Dwemer city located near deep folk crossing in Skyrim (canon), trying to revert what has been done to his people, the now goblin-like Falmer, then one night a thalmor enters the scene.
I don't really care how they meet/team up, this is something that's decided based on the character you decide to create. It could be solely depending on the personality and lifestyle of the Thalmor or on any other multitude of reasons. The point is, they get together.

I believe this could create great interactions between these characters. Thalmor are usually very arrogant and have an insatiable lust for power and knowledge about the arcane so the idea of having access to the lost magic of the snow elves would be impossible for them to ignore. At the same time, my snow elf would be absurdly focussed on his work to the point where he would be annoyed at even the slightest distraction creating immediate friction between the two characters.

Some things to note though:
1. This will take place at the same time as the start of Skyrim but without a dragonborn.
2. I'm looking for someone with quite some knowledge about the elder scrolls. While I don't expect you to be a bloody scholar I do expect you to know of the things you speak and willing to look up everything I reference if you don't know it.
3. I'm looking for a role-player with intermediate skill.
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