Searching for a drawn out romance with some adventure! (Looking for a male)

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  1. So, I'm getting a bit tired of the whole 'Jump into the sack' thing, and I'm looking for a slow building romance with other elements involved. I started this roleplay in the past with someone, but we did not get very far, and now I am looking for someone to start it up with me again. :)

    Plot (open)
    A kingdom has been cursed, doomed to sink into the furthest pits of hell if a perfect soul is not sacrificed. The king comes up with an idea, one that will not only save his kingdom from being destroyed, but will distract his people from their plight. A game, but not just any game, a deadly one. (Think something like Hunger Games.)

    Humans, elves, fairies, and every creature and being is invited to join in the games with a promise of not only proving their strength, but also earning themselves a title and land as a reward. Many flock in order to enter the contest, none aware that their prize will not be what they are expecting.

    Our characters will be two contestants in this game, they can either work together from the start, or gradually begin to help each other out as the number of contestants grows smaller and smaller.

    I am looking for someone who can post multiple, descriptive paragraphs, at least once a day. More is always welcome of course.

    As far as the race of your character, that is entirely up to you, but I will give you my character sheet beforehand.

    Only serious inquiries, please. Please don't PM me or say you are interested and then disappear.
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  2. I'm interested, my only question concerns the level of technology in this RP world. Are we talking swords and bows, or pistols and rifles?
  3. It would be medieval, so swords and bows.
  4. Okay, that was my only question. Would you entertain this RP with me?