Searching for a couple of m/m or m/f partners.

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  1. Hello everyone, it's my first time doing this on here and I'm still working on figuring everything out . Anyway to let you know I prefer to play bottom when it comes to mxm and Female if we do MxF yet if you ask I can play top and the male .

    I'm typically pretty flexible but I do wish that you help build the plot and no one liners other then that I'm pretty good and understanding..

    Now for my ideas ..

    Best friends brother
    Creator /Voodoo doll
    Vampire /human

    RomeoxJuliet based plot
    Phantom of the opera based plot
    Bodyguardxpresidents daughter.

    I'm also open to any ideas you all may have .
  2. Care to pm me so that we may discuss an idea for an MxF Rp.
  3. Interested in Best friends brother and barista/writer!
  4. Alright I'll send you a pm so we can discuss some things .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.