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  1. Searching for a 1x1 roleplay to occupy my time. I'm looking for male characters mainly, but I happily will take what you give me. :)

    First, most what you must know about me is in my resume. I tend to write a lot, but its all dependent on what I am given. I'm well over the age of "maturity" so I'm not afraid of more explicit plots, if it is leaning that way. Romance is awesome, but I'm not looking for smut. I can post every day to every other day. If for some reason I can't, I'll let you know.

    I have plots! *offers them like candies* Well sort of. I have two very different unfinished ideas for short stories which came from writing prompts. I wrote a page or two, but then didn't have any further ideas, and gave up. But I'd like to resurrect them, somehow, as roleplays, and do some more plotting with someone. If these aren't your cup of tea, but you still wanna rp, I have other plots or we can do something of yours. I'm up for anything. :D

    Plot the first...
    This can be supernatural or magical, modern or medieval. I was aiming for modern supernatural, but it really lends itself to anything.

    My character receives a key. She doesn't know what the key is for, and she doesn't remember who gave it to her. It was in her mailbox one day with the message to keep it safe. It's antique and iron and has an ornate scripted bow, and the words Pyrefeld on it. She does a little research, at first, as its a curiosity to her, but after coming up completely empty, she gives up, leaves the key somewhere in her belongings and forgets about it. Your character knows what the key is. He knows that she has it. He wants it back. But he doesn't know where she is keeping it, and he isn't quite the type that will resort to uncivil means of getting it. But time is running out, as time does, and he needs it now.

    Plot the second...

    Let's see if I can adequately describe this... I can't... Read this instead.

    Plot the Second..ish. (open)

    Behind her the noise escalated into a near-deafening din. She scanned her options for escape, and found the most direct route was best, straight ahead, against the crushing tide of people who came to see what the clamor was about. They were too concerned with pursuing their curiosities to notice that she was not doing the same as they. It was the normal behavior for these humans. Anything out of the ordinary attracted them like flies to honey. Wasn’t that a proper human metaphor? If it was gruesome or awful, they stared all the harder, and muttered about the awfulness and how no one did anything about it while they refused to get involved themselves. They would certainly be attracted to the little scene she had set up. It would be as easy to disappear if she had some sort of cloaking device.

    It wasn’t any trouble to create chaos. The chaos was natural; the trouble came in making it so it was seen by as many as possible and would keep their attention long enough to anchor them to a place. Auriel was just a diversion, or, at least, she created the diversions. And after years of practice, she was only getting better at it.

    The ground shook a brief moment before the boom. Heat and smoke billowed over her. She could feel the fire warming her back. People scattered, screaming, running away from the explosion. Her mouth twisted in a smug grin. She turned down an alley, at last blending with the shadows to disappear. Yes, she was getting better at it. All those who were so nosy and unconcerned would have their own troubles now, and hope that the bystanders would be less curious and apathetic than they were just moments before.

    A voice caught her by surprise. She knew the voice well. The fact it surprised her made her bristle with anger. She hid that as effectively as she hid her surprise. “That was cruel, even for you.” Cruel. She had never been called that before, especially by him. Perhaps he was sympathizing with those they sought to blend. He was getting weak. The others must be made aware of it before it got out of control, before he tried to stop her from completing her next assignment.

    “The ticking gave them an advantage, Camael. Don’t they associate such sounds with imminent disaster?”

    “No mere human could hear that over the commotion you created beforehand.”

    “What difference does it make?” Auriel hissed. The cool exterior she exuded melted with provocation, but she pulled herself together. “Were we able to get what we came for?”

    “Yes.” No more, no less. His succinct answer grated at her nerves.

    “Then take me home. I’m tired.”

    “Mass destruction will weary you.” It came off as condemnation rather than sympathy. She resisted sneering at him. It was a major step to accomplishing their goals, never mind how many lives were lost in the process. They were just humans after all. Everything would work out in the end. As went the human’s adage, the ends justify the means.

    I had written this scene, had a main "couple" Camael and Auriel and some supporting characters...but I don't know who they are or why they are doing what they are doing. Which is why I need you to help. I would take Auriel as my main character. I think they are supposed to be angels. Or fallen angels. Trapped on earth until they can accomplish some task so they can go home. I don't know. It wasn't well thought out. I was just writing to write, not that I had a particular idea or anything.

    You can reach me here or by PM, if you are interested.
  2. I love both plots, these are amazing. We could do whichever you like most if you want
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